5 Technology Trends to Apply to Your Business

5 Technology Trends to Apply to Your Business
5 Technology Trends to Apply to Your Business

5 technology trends to apply to your business? Technological trends make small entrepreneurs gain time, productivity, agility, quality, and money. The application of technology trends is a widely commented agenda.

However, it is still common in small companies:

  • Control expenses in spreadsheets or notebooks;
  • Manually perform tasks when they can be automated;
  • Does not monitor the quality of care and services provided;
  • Unmapped and documented processes;
  • Lack of standardization of services Little or no use of cloud computing;

Did you recognize your routine or part of it in one or more of these statements?

Likewise, if the answer is yes, know that your company is not the only one that still needs to improve its relationship with technology. For example, at least 43% of businesses still carry out financial management in notebooks or sheets of paper.

However, only 27% use systems like Excel, for example. Despite this, the good news is that, with low investments, it is possible to optimize processes, time, and, above all, money.

See here the main technology trends that you need to know and apply in your company.

Why should your company invest in technology?

There is no way to depreciate the advantages of a successful company, even if it is based on laptops. However, it is necessary to remind them that their achievements may be more critical if they invest in technology. Soon:

Changing your routines is possible. That is, the implementation of a system brings improvements to the environment, optimizing the work routine.

Customers are the company’s thermometer, and nothing better than a system to track their feelings and preferences regarding products and services. While monitoring their feeling, it’s essential to make sure the data is protected from cyber-attacks. Join a Cyber Security course today to become a cyber expert.

1 – Software for process management

Do the processes in your company have a beginning, a middle, and an end? How well are they mapped and tracked? Can you see clearly and quickly what is happening in real-time in the company?

In summary, process management software facilitates this overview. In addition, even if your company has few employees, this software allows visualization, helping in the company’s management.

So, does your company have some time-consuming but straightforward activities?

Therefore, by performing this replacement, you and your collaborators can focus on other things more freely. Instagram posts and customer satisfaction surveys are examples of these micro-processes that can automate.

Cloud computing does not require much equipment and can still be managed by a company in the Saas-software as a service model. Therefore, as it stores and manages your data in secure locations, payment is made according to the consumed service.

Above all, lack of return to customers is something we must avoid in companies. In this sense, chatbots optimize the sales process, after-sales, service, and even satisfaction surveys, offering more incredible speed and a personalized experience.

Thus, payment is one of the final stages of the sales process, being second only to post-sales. One of the ways is to make it as simple as possible to ensure the sale and retain customers.

According to a survey by E-commerce Radar, 23% of consumers abandon the purchase when faced with a long and complicated checkout.

So, after reading about the technological innovations, you need to keep an eye on, get to know some tools to implement in your business. They can make your life easier, that of your employees, customers, and even suppliers.

Project management: Trello

Trello is a process management tool that has a free and paid version. The difference between them is only in the amount of creation of the boards/project boards.

In this sense, it allows you to create and manage activities, divide them, attach documents, photos, and links. So you can also interact with the team through comments.

Communication without dispersion in companies: Slack

Technology trends

Slack is a corporate communication platform. Information centralizes, is safe, and is secure, making it possible to locate them quickly.

In other words, Slack avoids the dispersions that can occur on other platforms such as WhatsApp.

The Free Google tool makes it possible to analyze the interest in a particular subject, locally and worldwide. Thus, its use favors the creation of more targeted campaigns.

Website traffic analysis: Google analytics

In other words, it presents the number of accesses, the most viewed pages, time spent on the page, among other functions.

Behind all indicators, it is possible to emit insights about the content produced, improving the relationship with the public. However, to use it, you need to integrate it with your website.

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