7 Tips on How to Have a Productive Morning

7 Tips on How to Have a Productive Morning
7 Tips on How to Have a Productive Morning

Individual routine without self-collection

How to have a productive morning?: The morning routine should be the focus on each person’s development process. It is essential to generate feelings of pleasure and prioritize yourself before commitments take over your thoughts.

The time each one spends in the morning is individual and must meet specific needs. Only you know how much and when you can do it. Below, we bring the most exciting and easy to adopt into the routine.

How about starting your day at a different pace tomorrow?

1 – Set goals and intentions for tomorrow morning tonight

The first step on having a productive morning; starts the night before: setting tasks for the following day.

When you complete the first task you set out to do, be it small or large, you will already have the feeling of accomplishment. The sense of well-being will generate gas and productivity for all the other activities of the day. So wake up by your why – it’s your moment of personal development.

2 – Do not press the snooze button

If you no longer like the sound of the alarm when it goes off repeatedly for the second or third time, it certainly feels even worse. In addition to making you more irritable with every touch, a nap can bring health problems.

Steven Bender, a professor at Texas A&M University, explained that going back to sleep after the first alarm can confuse the brain. Enzymes are released to restart another sleep cycle, which will soon be interrupted. So this nap doesn’t induce any extra restorative force to get up: it will just deliver even more sleep, and you’ll be disoriented for a while after getting up.

Breaking the sleep cycle can also affect your hormone levels, which are critical to the stimuli your body needs to get started.

3 – Open the windows to have a productive morning

In addition to having a productive morning, opening like a window to facilitate getting out of bed and generating energy for the body, light is also an essential stimulus for the brain.

The body needs it throughout the day to perform various functions, such as releasing hormones, digesting, regulating body temperature, improving immunity, etc.

If we start to perform tasks in the dark, the body may not know that it is time to function. But, you’ll probably want to go back to sleep, so get up and open the window! There are more!

A study published by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) pointed out that light stimulation activates the brain as a part of pleasant memories and alleviating stress symptoms.

4 – To have a productive morning drink a whole glass of water

The body has no hydration for several hours at night, so drinking water is essential when you wake up. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and may cause physical and emotional stress.

According to a 2011 study by the University of Sydney (Australia), drinking water can also reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease and other health problems.

Want more? There are more! Water can speed up your metabolism, prepare your body for work and eliminate toxins more effectively, thereby improving your digestion for the rest of the day.

5 – Be silent for a few minutes

Take some time for yourself before the stop or socialization. Today mine was: 40 minutes of meditation and 35 minutes of reading.

Of course, as stated earlier, time is each one’s personal choice. For starters, three minutes a day is enough to feel the positive effects of silence. Those unfamiliar with meditation can start the practice with simple breathing techniques or use an app to help, such as Headspace.

6 – Do a slight body stretcho to have a productive morning

Breathing and mindfulness of the present moment are levers for the practice of physical exercise, which may initially be light. However, when combined, meditation, physical activity, and mindfulness further enhance your well-being and productivity.

The benefits of the practice: reduces muscle tension, lubricates joints, relaxes the body, provides greater body awareness, and activates circulation.

You can combine stretching with some aerobic exercise, yoga, Pilates, or whatever is most pleasurable for you—taking a few minutes in the morning to move and let the blood flow can give you a mega gas for the rest of the day. The important thing is to move your body.

7 – Adopt daily positive affirmations

In addition; to having a productive morning, writing or visualizing the goals you want for your life and reading those affirmations aloud every morning can hugely impact your motivation.

It’s a strategy for programming your mind with beliefs, attitudes, and habits; that you need to adopt to have the success, you desire. According to the author, changes tend to be well executed in practice when well internalized in mind.

To set your goals, the tip is to write them down in a diary or planner; make a mural or even a board with images of places you want to know, your dream job, the ideal house. Whatever your imagination wants can be put there.

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