How Social Media Is Changing Mobile Gaming

How Social Media Is Changing Mobile Gaming

Before talking about the impact of social media on mobile gaming. Let’s look at what social media and mobile gaming are all about. Social media is simply a platform of virtual networks and communities which allow users to share and interact quickly through electronic communication.

This platform is a computer-based technology, and it uses different mediums for communication like PCs, Smartphones, tablets. Information shared on these platforms includes photos, documents, videos, etc. That is a general overview of what social media is all about. Another mere definition or understanding of social media could be related to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. We could call them social media/networking apps as they help us communicate and share information around the globe.

Over the time

Just as the name implies, mobile gaming is on tablets, mobile phones, or PCs. History makes us know that the earliest form of mobile gaming was Tetris, launched in 1994 on an MT-2000 device. After then in 1997, Nokia launched the very successful snake game. Which was one of the most popular. Play games on mobile devices in more than a million mobile phones worldwide. Mobile games could download from an “app store” or mobile operators. In some devices, these games are in them.

Current statistics tell us that the gaming industry is worth $99.6 billion. With social media being a significant drive in it. In the US alone, the social gaming industry was worth $2.15 billion in 2017, and Asia’s worth was $2.5 billion. Research has shown that more than half of social network users play games on social media sites occasionally. Almost 15% of time on Facebook is also on playing mobile games. These statistics show that there is a growing trend, and social media is driving the gaming industry. Below are a few points out on how social media is changing the gaming industry at large:

Accessibility Changing Mobile Gaming

Before now, a gamer’s idea would mean someone in his home, probably a guy. He gets information about new games from printed newsletters or game magazines. Which he has subscribed to and are delivered to his doorstep. His friends always come around to play with him. Which he enjoys very well, probably play a console together of about four players. 

But right now, technology has dramatically evolved off to the point that whether it’s a male or female. There is no difference on who the gamer is; also, the number of players on a single game has also significantly increased, and there is no need of physical presence as devices could link friends via social platforms like casino together. They enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are.

Quicker Dissemination of information

There is no platform to hear rumors, news, what is trending around us, like our social media platforms. Twitter, for example, always gives you an idea of what people around you are talking about, all the latest happening in your location. Likewise the gaming industry. The way gamers get information about their game has dramatically changes due to the help of social media. You don’t have to wait for printed magazines to arrive at your doorstep. As information about new games is with speed online via social networking sites. 

YouTube offers you a daily upload of videos related to your favorite game. You don’t even need to wait or try to find a winning strategy to pass a particular level in God of War or splinter cell conviction. As everything is available online. In addition, social media delivers information about games and is now the platform. On which some of these games are in.

Social media has Improved Video Games Marketing.

     Game marketers want to reach kids, fathers, business people. Professional gamers, and their fans with the latest games available in the market. Other platforms could quickly do that other than the social media platform. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and video-sharing apps like Vimeo represent the best way to reach their fans. Why would I try to get a PUBG addict via television or a newspaper advert when the game he plays. The platform he shares his achievements are in his pocket. Through social media, marketing efforts have significantly increased, so companies, marketers, or clients who ignore social media’s value in the video game industry are greatly missing a lot.

A rise in social gaming Ads

Due to the boom in the gaming industry as a result of social media. Companies have capitalized on this as a means of exposing their services. Current research has shown that social gaming ads are on The Rise. Social games have significantly outperformed other forms of social media marketing. For example, a recent study showed that the average engagement rate of social gaming ads is 20% compared to 0.5% offered by Facebook brand pages.

Instant Games Changing Mobile Gaming

Social media has changed gaming because there is so much awareness now, and people want to get everything instantly, be it a new update to their mobile app or a newly released OS. The same is applicable for mobile games as players want the availability of their games instantly. Because of this, Facebook launched its instant games feature, an HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience that allows people to play many games without installing new applications.

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