How Technology can Improve the Customer Experience

How technology can improve the customer experience
How technology can improve the customer experience

How technology can improve the customer experience; Customer experience is the interaction with a company through the touchpoints that this brand offers to reach it. The process begins with discovering this brand, visiting the channels, interactions and goes beyond the final purchase, with post-sales.

But, today, thanks to digital tools and solutions, it is possible to provide better experiences for those who consume them. Being present on social networks, offering support through the website or WhatsApp, and establishing a relationship with the user are some basic examples.

Still, they make a difference in the customer journey. So even companies that do not work directly with a technology need to be present in several digital channels and connect with the public. Otherwise, competition wins.

KPMG’s annual Global Customer Experience Excellence report showed that 80% of CEOs say COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation. The survey also points to an interesting step-by-step on succeeding in this new reality’s customer journey and experience.

Impact of digitization

In addition to helping to improve the customer experience, digital transformation can improve several other organizational processes. Business strategy and management are among the leading sectors positively impacted.

According to a survey conducted by Coleman Parkes Research, about 37% of new business gains are due to new technologies for sales. In addition, with the improvement of the offers, the ability to reach the customer with assertiveness comes more than 76%.

With tools already available on the market, it is possible to map the stages of the customer’s journey to understand the path he took to finalize the purchase of your product and, based on that, define approaches. 

Generally, this type of study will be helpful to observe several important points for the customer experience strategy:

  • Determine the context in which your customer is inserted;
  • Make the information reach him efficiently;
  • Work upon customization;
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps and repetitive actions;
  • Improve privacy and information security;
  • Reduce waiting time.

Analyzing these factors and resolving potential errors is the first step in making the customer experience positive. Another tool that can help in this regard is the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

By following the notes being given to the company in real-time, it is possible to make decisions quickly, focusing on improvements. So, this is only possible with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

Aligned and motivated teams

So, it is always important to remember that the company’s employees are also part of its audience. Therefore, they also need to have a good experience, having more optimized systems to remain productive, engaged, and motivated. There is no doubt that a successful relationship starts “inside the house.”

When implementing operational solutions for this audience, the same points of the tools for customers need to be observed. With this in mind, you help ensure the efficiency, agility, and satisfaction of your teams.

With this, the alignment between all company sectors becomes more assertive, and all teams work together for the best experience.

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