How to Become Kinder to Yourself?

How to be Kinder to Yourself?
How to be Kinder to Yourself?

Be kinder to yourself, welcome, respect your limits, set limits. But, unfortunately, we are often our most prominent critics. But, we must do it for personal growth, strengthening self-esteem, as a learning experience, and not as a punishment.

Be faithful, honest, coherent, and authentic with your truths, seeking to live according to your values, respecting your wishes and desires. Being authentic is respecting your essence. But, unfortunately, we often condemn ourselves mercilessly for our mistakes and difficulties, which can go on for a long time until it becomes a habit without being noticed.

This habit can become destructive, crushing self-esteem, limiting the ability to react to obstacles, and leaving us “tied up in our inner prisons.”

Our most prominent critic, possibly, is ourselves. And that, of course, is not an act of self-love. On the contrary, it generates an imbalance in exaggerated everything, which does not contribute to our mental and emotional health.

When we allow ourselves the opportunity to understand the moment, our weaknesses, and, above all, our limits, we open ourselves to the acceptance and kindness to us, this we reduce the guilt we constantly carry, and we tend to open our minds and new choices and infinite possibilities.

Beware of self-criticism

How to be kinder to yourself?

Very self-critical people mistreat each other with words, insult each other, threaten each other, devalue themselves. Fighting negative emotions and thoughts should not be superimposed on fighting yourself.

Don’t blame yourself or condemn yourself for everything that (yet) hasn’t worked out – because it’s self-flagellating when you can just let things be. Instead, respect your frailty, respect your weaknesses, celebrate your freedom, be gentle, live your truth, being true to your essence.

Guilt can cause suffering and often prevent you from enjoying life and what it has to offer. If we listened more to each other, observing our internal language, perhaps we would realize the abuse we inflict on ourselves.

And, from there, instead of getting upset with negative self-criticism, we remain immobile with feelings such as guilt and shaInstead, we. Instead, we would come to accept mistakes as learning and as a bridge towards overcoming difficulties.

Tips on how to be kinder and take care of yourself

Understand your critical voice

We only manage to manage what we know. It may be that you, like many of us, have a critical voice so present that it’s automatic; and you don’t even realize there’s no way to change something you don’t even recognize.

Give your mind time, be silent

How to be kinder to yourself?

Allow yourself to shut up and calm down, don’t try to solve any problems with anguish and anxiety. Everything has its elaboration time. It is this time that will prepare you for the next step.

Trust yourself and your abilities

People who don’t recognize their abilities and abilities have a hard time believing that something can work because they feel unable to accomplish anything.

Reinforce your best, rather than always wanting to be the best. You prefer to give your best in every situation, without charges and judgments.

Seek self-knowledge

Get to know yourself, your history, your personality, qualities, your strengths and also your weaknesses; and how you relate and behave about the fact of feeling insecure, the triggers, everything is essential in this process to identify where is your insecurity and from there, promote small changes to change this condition.

Accept who you are

You may not like some aspects of your personality, but they contribute to building who you are. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for what’s bothering you, but you have to accept yourself before trying to change. Otherwise, you’ll probably spend your life fighting it.

So, one step at a time, realize the importance of being who you are, remember to be your friend at these times.

Be realistic

How to be kinder to yourself?

When we are demanding, we have distorted perceptions about our behavior, thinking that we are inconvenient, dull, or unpleasant. At these times, it is essential to separate what is real from what is your perception.

Celebrate who you are

The great challenge in life is to love ourselves generously. Accepting, recognizing, and embracing both your light and dark sides and choosing to celebrate the unique person you are.

If you genuinely love yourself and are kind, many of your struggles over the opinions of others will seem insignificant.

To think about

Every human being is unique. It has its identity that you will have to live with throughout your life. However, you are accessible every second to decide on the authenticity of your thoughts and attitudes, revealing your originality or being just another one in seven billion.

Authenticity is to be lived in the present moment. So even if we are worrying about yesterday, the most important thing is to be aware that the opportunity to be better and live spontaneously and truly begins now.

Often our past experiences can hinder our ability to act. Not only should these be controlled, but also the expectation we create about the future. Thus, living the here and now, with maximum intensity and, above all, being aware that every minute of our lives is unique and irreversible.

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