How to Build a Content Marketing Assessment?

How to Build a Content Marketing Assessment
How to Build a Content Marketing Assessment

What is a content marketing assessment?

Content marketing assessment is used to analyze a company’s marketing strategy. You can build one and present it to your prospects, questioning their strategy and providing feedback according to their responses.

How to build a content marketing assessment?

Next, you’ll find out what steps are required to build a content marketing assessment.


The first step is to clarify what you want to achieve, including specific goals. Asking the right questions is critical because the goals you choose will drive your strategy; and make it easier to plan, create, and execute content marketing assessments.

This step will also allow you to anticipate which tools are most likely to be effective in your assessment. Also, these goals will help you stay focused.

Consider what your business needs to know about your prospects: challenges, metrics, and analytics to establish your goals. This information allows you to set goals, such as generating more leads that can reach through a content marketing assessment.


This step involves planning the process for creating your company’s assessment. For a start, it is essential to define what to do and select which tools will be used to build the evaluation;(which includes choosing a format, topics, and questions focused on those topics). It is also necessary to define deadlines for each step.

Content creation

You will already have a plan at this stage and can start creating the assessment, drafting the questions, feedback, and designing the content. When defining the questionnaire, make sure you keep your company’s goals, challenges, and needs in mind.

You can rely on online platforms to facilitate this process. They typically offer a few templates that you can set up in a few hours and publish immediately after editing and customizing.

What are the benefits of a content marketing assessment?

Based on the information about your leads, which you’ve gained through the assessment, you’ll be able to think about how you can meet their needs, customize your content; and discover the most effective ways to reach, engage, and encourage those leads to move forward along the way—customer journey.

Furthermore, it makes it easier for users to consume the content since it is offered in small blocks. Your leads will feel encouraged to interact with all the material; especially considering that there will be a valuable payoff at the end (marketing strategy insights for their company).

Furthermore, a content marketing assessment increases lead generation, as your audience will freely offer information in exchange for their recommendations. In other words, this type of assessment will give you insights to improve your company’s B2B marketing strategy and drive increased sales.

How can reviews help generate qualified leads?

Thanks to assessments, your potential customers will learn something valuable to improve your marketing strategy; pique their interest in the solutions you have to offer. As a result, they are more likely to provide helpful information and become leads.

An example is the CMI (Content Marketing Institute) assessment. After answering each of the five questions about how content marketing is used in their companies, leads find out how many marketers do the same thing and give a brief explanation of why this is a good tactic.

In the end, there is a form requesting name, email, position, and company, which gives access to more detailed results.

In addition, once they receive your comments and recommendations, leads will become aware of your issues and realize that they need to look for a solution. They will then begin to consider re-checking your company’s answers.

The assessment is also helpful with already qualified leads, as it is a way for you to show your experience and willingness to help. At that point, you can build strategies focused on nurturing and converting those leads into customers.

Interactive content tools

The term “interactive content marketing” refers to material that allows the audience to interact and get responses based on interactions. The use of interactive elements in your assessment makes it more attractive because this type of material is generally more dynamic and focused on the users’ experience.

Thus, it drives you to deliver highly personalized results. All of this helps to increase your leads’ engagement with your content.

A content marketing assessment is a helpful tool to generate qualified leads and increase your sales to B2B audiences as it provides insight into strategies, demands, and difficulties.

Combined with interactivity, reviews are more attractive; which helps attract the attention of potential customers and persuade them not only to provide information but also to treat your company’s services as an option to solve their problems.

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