How to Change The Privacy of All Facebook Posts?

How to change the privacy of all Facebook posts
How to change the privacy of all Facebook posts

Security is an issue relentlessly discussed in the public arena, especially in the supposedly advanced world. We are used to sharing individual data in informal communities like; however, we generally have no idea what the privacy of Facebook looks like or how to change the privacy.

The matter, however, is considerably more complicated. Facebook’s security arrangements and settings cover various activities and data, from your introduction to the world date to the substance you like. So, assuming you need to control who sees the information produced by your profile, you need to know how this works better.

Facebook’s interface is straightforward to understand, allowing for changes that even include previous posts. Need to know more about the subject? In this post, we’ll show you how you can change the security of all Facebook posts. Stay with us to find out:

How does Facebook protection work? How to change protection for all Facebook posts?

You’ve probably read some news that discusses protection and Facebook. Yet, surprisingly, the interpersonal organization, which drives some paid ad and substance-supported business sectors, has engaged in disseminating information that includes many customers.

The Silicon Valley-based organization realizes that power over domestic data is one of the main concerns of individuals that are important for individual and commercial use. As a result, it’s no big surprise that security strategies are updated, giving customers authority over virtually every part of their records.

This whole cycle includes a severe exertion by the UX groups, who work to guarantee that anybody can, essentially and rapidly, characterize who can see their old neighborhood and their relationship status. To alter this and other data accessible on your page, click on “About” beneath the profile picture, select the three spots and snap on “Alter.”

Note that each of the ratings has a small symbol next to it. These numbers demonstrate which audience is approved to see your work environment, phone contact, and so on.

The privacy of all Facebook posts; After changing the segment, the page will stack new data. Select the crowd symbol to modify.

There are six arrangement choices:

Notwithstanding the information in your profile, it’s fundamental to control other security components, such as your timetable posts. This is another interest that can be effectively addressed utilizing Facebook’s intuitive and straightforward interface.

Kindly recollect the symbol’s significance displayed in the last picture to design your record as indicated by your necessities.

One of where the crowd selector can be found is in the new distributions box itself. Before putting your recent post on the web, click on the symbol and pick who will want to see it.

Remember that Facebook will save this setting and apply it to future posts. So, along these lines, assuming you need to post to various crowds, really take a look at this detail.

Now and again, your posts will consistently be public. This is the thing that occurs, for instance, when you post to a gathering or remark on a public post. Also, when you post on someone else’s time, that person has authority over who can see the substance.

It is likewise conceivable to stow away from explicit crowds which pages you enjoyed. To do this, go to the protection settings page and quest for the order featured in the picture underneath.

It is also possible to hide from specific audiences which pages you liked. To do this, go to the privacy settings page and search for the command highlighted in the image below.

How can I change the privacy of all Facebook posts?

You may decide to change the privacy of posts published days, months, or even years ago for different reasons. Although it sounds complicated, it’s straightforward.

A única escolha a ser feita é se você deseja alterar a multidão de todos os posts anteriores ou se deseja manter alguns deles visíveis para as pessoas em geral. The Facebook interface permits you to go both ways, as displayed underneath.

First, let’s assume you only want to modify some of your posts. Depending on how far you want to go, this process requires a lot of manual work.

You need to go to your timeline and scroll down to the post in question. So, look for the rating picker icon.

It is essential to know each of its meanings:

Public: means that everyone, with or without a Facebook account, can see the post;
Friends: (+ friends of any marked person): means that only your friends will see the post, in addition to the friends of any marked people;
Me Only: means that you can see, even if you tag it with other people in it;
Custom: Here, Facebook allows you to customize settings by including or excluding specific friends and lists.

The alternative is to change Facebook privacy the configuration for all posts at once. Before explaining how to execute it, it is essential to emphasize that, in this option, there is no possibility of customizing the new audience.

Once you complete the process, all of your old posts, without exception, will only be available to your friends. Then, of course, you can make personal changes to make your timeline just the way you want it.

So let’s get down to business. To change the privacy of all Facebook posts, select the arrow located in the upper right corner of all pages on the social network. In the menu that will open, click on “settings and privacy” and then on “settings.”

When a new page opens, look at the left sidebar;

In this space, search and select the “privacy” option next to a small padlock.

This action should trigger the opening of a new page with multiple configuration options. Scroll down until you find the “Your Activity” section and look for the question “Limit your audience to posts you share with friends or audiences of friends?”. Then click “Restrict previous posts.”

Before confirming, Facebook will open a window exposing some information about the setting you are changing. The platform does this because it’s essential to be sure before taking the next step, as, as we’ll cover in a moment, reversing this process isn’t as simple as doing it.

Just confirm that this is what you want and click once more on “limit previous posts.”

Ready! After affirmation, your fellow members on your Facebook page will be restricted. However, if the more significant part of your posts were public, that is a notable change.

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