How to Create Instagram Ads and Advertise on Instagram?

How to Create Instagram Ads and Advertise on Instagram
How to Create Instagram Ads and Advertise on Instagram

How to create Instagram ads? The social network of filters, story and perfect food dishes has become, over the years, a unique opportunity for companies to be present with their products and services. With more than 1,080 million monthly users and around 500 million people making daily use of the application.

We can get an idea of ​​the success of an inspiring social network, which does not fail to fall in love every month with new people around the world. Want to discover Ads on Instagram and learn how to create an ad and advertise on this network? Keep reading and learn your secrets!

What are Instagram ads or Instagram ads

Ads on Instagram or Instagram Ads are advertising made on Instagram, with which you can reach millions of people through advertisements of different formats. With a design very similar to ads made on Facebook and great popularity due to the low cost of campaigns, Instagram Ads is a fundamental tool already used by more than two million companies per month.

Moreover, Instagram has become an essential platform for the marketing objective of any brand that wants to reach its potential customers, this being a social network of reference for millions of people, with more and more ad formats that you can publish in the news feed and the platform stories.

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, it was only in September 2015 when users set out to see sponsored posts from accounts that didn’t need to be followed in their feeds. Currently flagged as Advertising, it is also possible that some of our favorite influencers identify their ad campaigns with tags like #ad, #publi; or published paid partnership text on top of the photographs they publish, usually where we saw the locations.

Types on Instagram

In an era where being up-to-date with our friends and references is a constant need, being present in our target audience’s favorite app is like throwing a dart at the center of the dartboard: the best thing that can happen to you. Without having to invest large amounts, the results will surprise you. So let’s start by looking at the types of ads you can make:

Single Image Ads

This is the first format that the app releases. Many brands focus on showing the aesthetics of their products and services through very well-selected images that attract the public’s attention.

If it’s the first Instagram Ads campaign you’ve run, it’s certainly a good start for testing and moving forward with other formats. Among your options, you can choose whether the ad is for an existing post or one created specifically for an occasion. Of course, the usual thing is to bet on new content; this way, you can add a callout and a button that works like a CTA.

Video Ads

Impressive and recommended for telling a story on video when we have the resources to do it. This type of ad is common in beauty, lifestyle, and fashion brands. Inspiring and with a very detailed image, you can position them in user stories and your feed. A tip: don’t forget to include your brand logo to be recognized!

Ads on Instagram in carousel format include different images so that the user can scroll through them to obtain a better understanding of your products or services. It is an advisable option if we want to highlight different products, share a story that requires more than one image; or show a product from different perspectives.

Collection ads

These ads are usually chosen by brands that work with an online store, including a cover image or a video followed by three product images. When the user interacts with this ad, he can bookmark each product or buy it directly from the same post. Although collection ads require more work to craft, the results may surprise you.

Purchased Ads

Buying ads allow brands to tag items directly anywhere in the ads, enabling users to tap each tag and learn more about any one of them. After this first click, the potential customer usually goes to a product description within the application to later go to the brand’s website. Many homes and decor brands bet on this type of ads.

Ads in history

Characterized by servants created to appear specifically in Instagram stories, these ads take up the entire smartphone screen and generally involve more work than previous formats. As a result, they often compete with highly creative pieces aimed at getting the consumer’s attention. They can be still images, although the normal is to come across videos. Stick with this number to gauge your interest: over 500 million users watch stories every day.

Ads on Instagram Explore

Instagram Explore is an algorithm by which users can find content that the app thinks might interest them. When we place an ad on Explore, we target users who are open to discovering new experiences.

Many brands often do these types of ads to promote organic posts to reach more people through Explore. Attending in advance the interaction results of the publications we want to encourage will allow us to refine better the selection of posts we should sponsor.

Ads on IGTV

‎Unlike the usual videos or ‎‎stories in the application, IGTV allows you to send videos of up to one hour; which will not disappear after 24 hours, as in the case of reports. Launched in March 2020, these ads are placed while streaming content.

Just like on YouTube,‎‎ after a few seconds, users can ignore it by pressing a button.‎‎ Although they are an opportunity to put in actual content, being the last format to come. The truth is that there are still few brands that bet on this option.‎

Advantages of Ads on Instagram

Among the main advantages of using Instagram, Ads are its effectiveness, targeting possibilities, and the modification options you can make during the Campaign and is that when launching your sponsored ads on Instagram. You must select very well to which audience to show your proposal to reach the most significant possible number of customers. Other advantages are:

  • Expand the reach and knowledge of your brand, products, and services
  • Reach customers you haven’t explored so far
  • Consolidate the brand follower trust
  • Win back former buyers
  • Improve your brand image
  • Best practices for advertising on Instagram

Even if you’ve studied advertising techniques, boasted about courses on social media, or worked on other platforms before. You must know the little details of each one so that your campaigns work in the best way possible. Instagram has become a great place to advertise and has to occupy a place in our marketing budget. More and more brands know this.

Understanding your audience and identifying the differentiating elements of your project; is the first step to making a successful Instagram campaign if we don’t want to go blind. That’s why we need prior research that allows us to choose the best type of ad. So other good practices to keep in mind are:

  • Make the most of the images you want to turn into ads
  • Stay tuned for the latest app news
  • Create announcements of the newest platform trends
  • Bet on what your audience needs, above what you want to show
  • Encourage interaction through contests and user-generated content
  • Strategically choose when to publish
  • Tell a story to make them fall in love with your products
  • Let them find out using tags and in Explore
  • Work with the statistics offered by the app
  • Make a mistake if necessary and stand up again (assemble the piece again)

Steps to launch an ad on Instagram

Mastering the process of creating your Instagram advertising campaign is essential to becoming an Instagram Ads expert. Let’s see, one by one, the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Create your Facebook Business Manager account

Firstly, create an account in Business Manager that will manage multiple advertising assets from the same place. So visit their website and fill in the information needed to link this account to your Facebook page. That way, you can create Instagram advertisements at the same time you do Facebook.

Step 2: Create an Instagram account and connect it to your Facebook account

To populate the Instagram account access data associated with the brand’s Facebook page, go to your page settings, then to the Instagram ads section, which is found on the left of our screens.

Step 3: Create your Instagram ad

Now you can create your ad in Ads Manager, where you’ll find several tools to create the ad you want. Below, we have the most important steps to follow to create your ads and make your first ad campaign on Instagram.

To begin, go to create a campaign and choose your advertising aim. You’ll find that you’ll have to choose between gaining traffic, interaction, conversion. When the Campaign is ready, it’s time to select your settings. We will have to select the ad set box, choose the created piece, and target the audience that interests us.

You can select how to optimize your investment and choose whether you only want it to be seen on Instagram (by default, the platform also marks its presence on Facebook) and even the type of devices where you want to be present. The selection of daily expenses and the duration of the Campaign are the last steps. Finally, you’ll have to load your piece at ad creation time and enter the URL to which the user will be directed next to the button that interests you more than the platform allows.

Brands should not miss this opportunity, as we are talking about a fundamental way to impact their audience, promoting new products simply and effectively with more and more options.

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