How to Decorate with Creative Light Fixtures?

How to Decorate with Creative Light Fixtures
How to Decorate with Creative Light Fixtures

How to decorate with creative light fixtures? Lighting is mainly responsible for leaving a pleasant and inviting environment, especially for long periods. Essential for the composition of environments, innovative luminaires are allies critical to interior decoration’s final touch.

With applications in any environment in the house, the luminaires are ideal for creating the atmosphere you want; intimate, family, for studies, or to entertain friends. This article brings ten tips on working well as creative lighting fixtures and lighting up any home with charm and irreverence.

Light and false light

You can initially use creative lighting fixtures: imitating the effect of the light beam through the painting on the wall.

The process is simple; turn on the luminaire, see how the light beam behaves and mark its extension on the wall. Then, apply yellow paint to fill the gap. Together with creative lighting, this lighting transforms the environment and gives it an imaginative and humorous atmosphere.

Home cinema effect

To create an intimate atmosphere, install pendant lamps fixed to the wall. The look is similar to a movie theater or theater and warm lighting, ideal for a TV room.

To fix the luminaires, you can use firmer suction cups, more suitable for not damaging the structure; hot glue or Velcro stickers are glued to the wall, no objects, and then to each other.

Colors and Prints

By using creative lighting fixtures, it is possible to create a complementary effect between prints and colors. The same color present in the solids must be used in the lighting fixtures’ print, except in the composition of a specific core palette.

But the retake doesn’t need to do with the same colors. So, for example: if your chair is purple, a print from creative lighting fixtures can have shade variations, like lilac, for instance, to match without repeating.

Match fixtures

So, using the same light point, combining different luminaires, and surprising the environment is possible. It simply contains the item in the exact location as another one, but beware; they can’t be completely different, and they don’t have to be the same either.

A tip is to bet on light fixtures of different intense colors that complement each other, creating a fun environment that offers a great surprise.

Customizable creative fixtures

Glass-based luminaires (which resemble a bottle) allow for personalized creations. Try filling it with decorative elements such as corks, coins, leaves, etc.

And you can add lights to the interior of these creative light fixtures or paint them and let the lamplight create designs. Fine lines in the glass are enhanced by the lighting and turn the wall into an interactive decoration.


Combine different creative lighting fixtures in the same space to create an asymmetrical effect that is pleasing to the eye.

You can install a pendant on one side of the bed and a table lamp on the other. A bedside lamp can be complemented asymmetrically with a floor lamp.

Symmetric doubles

If asymmetry is beautiful, asymmetry also interestingly expresses its beauty in environments.

By placing two equal creative luminaires in parallel, balance becomes the most vital point in the room. Moreover, bringing to light an idea of ​​precision and refinement. In addition, symmetrical parallelism is ideal for use with furniture with straight lines and economy in color.

Multiple creative fixtures

Bet on lighting fixtures that surprise the eye. Polka dot prints are cool and go well in informal and fun environments.

The blinkers can also be installed following the same precept and lamps in series and the beautiful chandeliers.

Decoration with pendant lamps

In the living room, create special lighting by investing in a creative pendant lamp on a coffee table. Pendants blend in with virtually any decor, and overhead lighting can benefit other elements in the room.

Lighter-toned furniture, for example, facilitates diffused lighting by reflecting light. While darker tones, when lit directly, do not let it spread. Use these details to your advantage.

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