How to Decorate Your Home in Urban Jungle Style

How to Decorate Your Home in Urban Jungle Style
How to Decorate Your Home in Urban Jungle Style

Urban Jungle: If you love new ideas for decorating the house, you will like a natural style that uses different plants to create environments.

This trend has become increasingly popular and valued in decorating large and small spaces. Therefore, it is worth knowing what Urban Jungle is.

Here, you will learn about the advantages of adopting this style and know its characteristics. In addition, you will discover how to apply it at home with some practical tips.

After all, what is Urban Jungle, and why adopt this lifestyle

In an increasingly hectic routine, with little time for leisure, and even less time to get away from the city and get in touch with nature, we suffer from stress.

Seeking to break this scenario and bring nature indoors, around 2017, architects, decorators, and decoration enthusiasts started a trend of creating domestic spaces filled with plants; and other natural elements. The idea was to improve the style of the environment and the well-being of the residents by creating a wild garden in each space – something that became known as Urban Jungle.

Since then, the trend has continued and reached more and more fans worldwide. That’s because, in addition to more natural and peaceful environments, Urban Jungle is sustainable.

The benefits of having plants at home

Counting on plants in decoration is not something new, but in the case of Urban Jungle; they are the focus and can influence the environment of the house and the lives of its residents in different ways.

The variety of existing plants can offer many combination options for starters, creating unique environments according to each person’s style.

In addition, the power of plants on our mood and our physical and mental health has long been investigated. Thus, several studies have been carried out, and many have concluded, with experiments; that contact with plants can influence our physical and mental state, including reducing stress.

Another interesting point is that some species are considered ideal at home to improve air quality. This is critical for big cities, which have more pollution.

What are the characteristics of the Urban Jungle, and how do you adopt it home?

Now that you know what Urban Jungle is and the benefits of having plants close by, it’s time to learn how to apply it at home. The main features of this style are:

  • use plants of different sizes and types;
  • rely on other natural materials, such as ceramics and sisal;
  • favoring natural light;
  • build spaces with a focus on plants, including using them as a divider.

With that in mind, evaluate the rooms in your home and consider the following tips to get this decoration right.

1 – Choose the plants

The choice of plants must be made carefully, and thinking about each space. After all, despite the concept of the jungle, you cannot arrange them in such a way as to disrupt your routine or make it difficult to clean the house.

Another critical point is to choose safe plants that do not cause problems for your pets; which are easy to care for in your daily life.

2 – Set the spaces

A fundamental tip to apply Urban Jungle is to define the spaces well. The idea of ​​the concept is to have plants in every room, but you can do it according to your style, for example, in the kitchen, where several pieces of furniture and appliances, you can opt for small species.

The bedroom, living room, and balcony are worth betting on larger plants with different colors. It is also possible to combine climbing species in the bathroom to create a climate of refuge, like a waterfall in the middle of the forest.

3 – Install shelves and brackets

The style bets a lot on shelves and supports to arrange the plants, and you can make them with any material. For example, it is worth using wooden pallets, boxes, bricks, and construction wood. Another option is to place the plants hanging from the ceiling; and create supports with the books, uniting two decoration styles.

4 – Invest in a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are known to be a good solution for apartments. After all, horizontal spaces are limited. However, even if you live at home, you can take advantage of the idea and create an ample green space, giving Urban Jungle more personality.

For example, in an outdoor corridor, you can hang different plants and even create a kind of tunnel. It is worth putting plants that can serve as a seasoning to always have fresh ingredients in a kitchen.

It is interesting to use species that can bloom on the balcony or balcony. In turn, it is worth hanging the plants vertically next to the TV or even creating an entire partition with them to separate the environments in the living room.

6 – Determine complementary elements

As you have seen, Urban Jungle uses plants and other natural materials and elements that refer to nature. In this sense, there are many options to explore.

For example, those who don’t have much time to take care of plants can adopt floral and tropical-themed prints and wallpapers to compliment the environment.

Another option is to choose colors of various shades of green for walls and furniture, cushions, and curtains. In addition, you can adopt wooden furniture, paintings with landscapes, stones, and water fountains to build scenarios in that environment.

Knowing what Urban Jungle is, you can’t go wrong. Just choose the plants that best suit your spaces and routine, define complementary elements, and let your imagination run wild to create your jungle indoors. Speaking of creation, you can inspire by several sources to adopt this style, from social networks, such as Pinterest, to architecture books and, of course, the gardens and squares of your city.

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