How to Find Emails on LinkedIn Helps Active Prospecting

How to Find Emails on LinkedIn Helps Active Prospecting
How to Find Emails on LinkedIn Helps Active Prospecting

How to find emails on LinkedIn, unsurprisingly, active prospecting by locating emails is one of the most effective business strategies for quality leads. But often, the question is: what is the best way to do it?

Whether it’s to increase your database or reach a key profile for a specific action, there are ways in which you can obtain this and other information with the ease of one click. And one of them is through LinkedIn.

See below how easy it is to find emails on LinkedIn and understand how it can be the secret to more innovative active prospecting.

First of all: why is prospecting important?

Time is money. You’ve probably read this sentence by now, so we’ll show you how time is, in fact, a wealth not to be wasted, so you can spend less time searching and more time converting.

Whether selling a product or looking for the perfect candidate for your job opening, a prospect is responsible for identifying and attracting leads for your business opportunity. When done thoroughly, it generates advantages such as better targeting, higher conversion rates, reasonable ROI rates… A list is long!

Passive and Active Prospecting


There are two forms of prospecting: passive and active. In passive prospecting, an initiative is given by the client, captured through the company’s communication and dissemination strategy, being spontaneously attracted.

In the active form, prospecting comes from the company, which conducts a survey, contacts, and creates a bridge between the business and its target audience. But, in this mode, the return is much faster and more assertive.

Understanding which prospecting format is best suited for your purpose is essential to maximize results. Learn here how to prospect and approach potential customers.

But, after all, how do emails help in this strategy?

Some dare says that emails are not as efficient as they once were. The truth is, when used intelligently, they become reach and conversion machines. Just communicate the message to the right audience, and that’s where the importance of locating emails correctly lies.

There are several reasons why you might need to search for a specific email. For example, wanting to contact influencers, people qualified for a project or job opening, build and nurture an intelligent base of leads for email marketing triggers. You choose.

One of the significant advantages of email prospecting is the possibility of a gigantic reach and even personalization of the message, whether visual or contextual. In addition, unlike phone calls, considered invasive by many, you get a more extensive base of leads; and better segmentation with much less work with active prospecting through emails.

So you ask yourself: what are the best email research methods and tools? 

How to get access to a large-scale base?

The internet and technology have not only transformed our behavior, but they have also facilitated our communication across its entire spectrum. A great example of this is social media such as LinkedIn, a networking network between professionals, providing essential information about leads and how to connect with them.

So, how about using this to your advantage? Learn.

Finding emails on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network that creates the connection between people and groups that share the same tastes and prospecting customers and business partners masterfully.

Finding leads organically

When you already have pre-established characteristics about the type of leads you want to find, such as companies or organizations, one of the suggestions is to use’s company search feature. It’s simple: create a free account and choose the Company Profile Search tool.

The results obtained through the tool are diverse, from names to professional employee emails. Searching for companies is also made more accessible; as you can use filters such as Company Name, location, specialties, and many other types of information.

You can also make your search even more accessible and more efficient by using’s Email Finder browser extension, allowing you to collect emails from potential customers from any website.

Go to the desired company page, click on the extension icon and send the selected list. The company, along with your corporate emails, will immediately be sent to your list of potential customers; and soon, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of this prospecting format.

Interacting with your network

Another way to prospect, customers is by interacting with your network, liking, commenting, or sharing. Your profile appears to your network every time you do this, likely to attract potential customers and their respective emails.

Therefore, whenever a person interacts with a personal publication of you or your company, use this to your advantage, providing an opportunity to get in touch.

For that, don’t forget to send a message showing who you are or even indicating other Content that might be interesting.

How to get the ideal client email on LinkedIn?

Once you have defined the profile of your ideal customer, how can you get your contact email?

Check out the options for obtaining the professional contact email below:

Email capture tools

As mentioned above, several tools allow you to find emails, such as Snovi. o.

The difference is that the emails collected have a high-reliability rate. To increase assertiveness, it is enough to manually validate, through trial and error, for contacts with low reliability.

Data export

Another option to get an email from people on Linkedln In is through data export; which consists of downloading information from their connections. It’s a great alternative if you’ve already been in contact with people who fit the profile of your ideal client.

However, Linkedln itself gives the person the right to provide or not their email address when exporting data. Another point is that many who access the platform generally use personal email. However, for a B2B prospecting, a professional email is the best.

Funnel bottom ads


Another alternative to get your ideal client’s email is through funnel offers, where Linkedln offers 4 formats of sponsored campaigns:

  • Text Ads: are banner ads, which appear to users on the side or top bar;
  • Sponsored Content; appear in feed updates;
  • Sponsored InMail; consists of personalized messages, which are sent directly to the inbox;
  • Dynamic Ads; are personalized ads available in the form of a banner.

Therefore, there is no lack of options to locate emails on Linkedln, and it is already more than proven that it is a strategy that helps in active prospecting.

The big difference is that the capture of leads is much more qualified precisely because of the network’s segmentations.

Always try to establish an internal relationship first so that you are interested in what you are offering.

Now it’s up to you to take advantage of Linkedln’s full potential to generate qualified leads that have an interest in your brand or company.

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