How to Have Fun with Simple Games at Home?

How to Have Fun with Simple Games at Home
How to Have Fun with Simple Games at Home

How to have fun with simple games at home? During the weekend or even the holidays, gadgets or electronic devices for part of the day to spend time with the family are a lot of fun and pleasure.

Doing activities together helps to unite everyone and, as a bonus, it also takes the children away from the small screens for a few hours. Well, know: family games are great resources for these times.

In this post, prepare a list of 10 simple games to have fun with your family, and have a fun afternoon! Interested? So follow the reading!

Simple games to have fun

1 – Monopoly

Old acquaintance and darling of many people, Monopoly is one of the oldest board games in the world. There are 2 to 6 player histories, and the one who ends up with the most money wins through the purchase, sale, and rental of real estate.

It guarantees moments of great fun with the family, in addition to working on the financial skills of children and young people.

2 – The game of life

This is another board game category that was part of many people’s childhoods. But make no mistake, because the Game of Life is still very current, ok? It is a kind of map covered by 2 to 8 people, who guide their cars through various activities.

Just spin the wheel and walk the indicated number to know what will happen: players can have children, get married, find a gold mine, or go on a cruise, for example. It’s a great hobby and helps kids see what it’s like to be an adult, with responsibilities and actions that guide our lives!

3 – Clue

The board simulates a mansion with several rooms and various objects. The goal is to find out which of six suspects, six guns, and nine rooms are involved in a murder crime.

4 – Ludo

One of the best to have fun with and a simple game, a classic of classics, Ludo is those games forgotten at the bottom of a shelf in most families’ homes.

In it, each player chooses a color and aims to get out with his piece from the base and go through the entire board until reaching the final point, marked with the selected color.

The number of squares to walk is determined by rolling the dice. On the way, someone might fall into the house you are in and eat your piece to force you to return to a base. It doesn’t have that many twists, but it’s a lot of fun!

5 – Image and Action

You probably already know about this game that guarantees a good laugh, don’t you? Image & Action tests the drawing ability of some, the guessing speed of others, and even the logical cleverness of players.

Participants can be up to 4 teams, each with its designer. That person draws a card that determines another person’s word to guess within a specific category – Action, object, leisure, person, place, animal. Then, within hourglass time, the team has to get it right. It’s the perfect game type for many players!

6 – Guess

Another game designed to test participants’ knowledge and develop children’s general knowledge, Guess, has a question-and-answer format on 6 themes: sport and leisure, arts and entertainment, world, science and technology, variety, and, finally, society.

Each player chooses a topic and, in the final stretch, answers questions from all categories. The one who reaches the end marked on the board wins. There’s even a family-specific version of the game!

7 – Addenda

Also known as stop, this game tests the participants’ knowledge, memory, and writing speed. The best thing is that it doesn’t require a lot of materials, just paper and pen, and 2 people can play it.

First, you need to define how evaluated categories such as name, object, food, human body part, and artist. Then, players extend their fingers which, together, determine the starting letter of the round.

So participants must fill in the categories with words starting with the drawn letter. Whoever finishes first shouts stop, and the others must stop writing. It’s a great game to stimulate quick thinking and wins whoever gets the most points.

8 – Origami

If the occasion or space does not allow opening a game on the table, a few sheets of paper are enough. Make origami explore children’s imagination and coordination. You can make a boat, plane, frog, heart, butterfly, monkey, bird and so on. Look for tutorials on the internet to ensure a few hours of family learning and entertainment!

9 – Cotton race

This game does not need much preparation or large spaces or materials needed to find. You will only have to provide straws and cotton. The idea is to make a race of cotton balls blowing through the straws. Whoever blows the hardest and reaches the finish wins. Simple, isn’t it?

10 – Uno

So as a card game, you can play Uno anywhere. Moreover, From 2 to 10 participants can play. Each one receives 7 cards, which are discarded according to the color in the pile of the remaining ones. The objective is to zero the cards in hand.

The detail is that the deck can dictate specific actions, whether to make the next player receive more cards, reverse the order of plays or even skip the turn of who would play next, all to hinder the others from reaching the final goal. But it’s an entertaining portable game and stimulates strategic thinking when playing cards!

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