How to Help Your Business with Newsletter?

How Sending Newsletters Can Help Your Business
How Sending Newsletters Can Help Your Business

How many times have into a website and seen the “Subscribe to our newsletter” pop-up window, button, or text? Using a newsletter as part of your digital marketing strategy is highly favorable for leveraging your results.

After all, it is no wonder that every large company or small and medium-sized companies invest in the newsletter. In this content, understand what it is, the importance, the differences about email marketing, and, in the end, see some basic steps to start building your newsletter sending strategy.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a newsletter sent in the form of email marketing to a contact base. In addition to informing customers, a newsletter strategy also acts positively in the relationship with the public, building loyalty and winning over new consumers.

Another critical point is the link to building authority. If you, for example, have a wine company, what your audience expects is that your brand dominates the subject. In this context, sending newsletters about the main features of the company itself can be interesting.

With this, current customers are retained, and it can also win many others. After all, not all subscribers to a specific newsletter consume that brand. However, remember that a newsletter, despite contributing to sales, is more focused on content production.

Differences between newsletter and email marketing

The newsletter is not the same thing as email marketing. Confusion between these two strategies is widespread, considering that the newsletter is also sent by email. However, they are two different things.

Email marketing is a type of marketing that involves sending emails to designated audiences to achieve a specific goal, which is usually related to sales.

Thus, email marketing can inform about promotions, confirm purchases, and other information about an order placed on a website.

On the other hand, a newsletter strategy is based on producing relevant content for the audience, and, as we mentioned, the focus is not on selling or presenting your products. But on showing how much your brand dominates the subject and is seeking to inform its public.

Know the importance of sending a newsletter

Creating a newsletter submission strategy is very important. In addition to transforming your company into an authority on the subject, it acts by nurturing and preparing your leads for the moment of purchase. Another significant thing is that a newsletter can be present throughout the sales funnel.

The newsletter is used at the top of the funnel, with those who still don’t fully understand your solution and are looking for a problem for current customers.

In summary, a newsletter is a great way to attract customers and make them know more about your company, from the first contact they have with it. Again, going back to the example cited at the beginning of this content; how often were you looking for information, found a site with content that you anticipated, and, therefore, ended up subscribing to a newsletter?

How can sending newsletters help your business?

We’ve already talked a little about the importance of using a newsletter in your company. Now, see a little more about how this strategy can be relevant to your business.

Customer relationship and loyalty

Social networks, in general, send SMS and newsletter; do as these brands and are present in the life of your audience. And, contrary to what people think, email is a wide channel; in 2020 alone, 4.03 billion people used this form of communication, according to data from the Statista website.

Inform about promotional actions

Have you ever considered how many individuals might be visiting your website right now? Who is interested in consuming your products and services, but who can’t do that right now? Even if such people have not yet recovered their brand, they can become customers in the future. So, even if a newsletter doesn’t have a commercial bias, it can bring some information about your company and promotions.

Lead knowledge + nutrition

So using the newsletter works by building your brand’s authority and nurturing your leads, reinforcing your reputation as a subject expert.

After all, a purchase does not happen overnight: it needs trust, and, in this context, the use of the newsletter works to strengthen this characteristic.

The First Steps to Putting together a Newsletter Submission Strategy

For starters, it’s interesting that you choose a trigger tool, that is, to send your news. HubSpot, SendPulse, and Mail With the agency defined and considering that you already need to have an active production of content on your blog or website, it’s time to choose the ones that will compose your newsletter.

For this, another tool, also free, can help Google Analytics. It is possible to check, among other things, which were the most accessed contents and those in which users spent more time on the page. However, to obtain this information, Google Analytics needs to connect to your website.

To define the layout, consider the dimensions that the submission tool itself allows. Here, the tip is to bet on simplicity. Therefore, avoid exaggeration, not only about the text but also in the images.

So test hard and monitor the results. After all, there’s no better way to see if your strategy is working than to try it is making sense about the content sent and the times and days than by testing it.

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