How to Interview and Hire PHP Developers?

How to Interview and Hire PHP Developers
How to Interview and Hire PHP Developers

One of the most popular and one of the eldest programming languages used in web development is PHP. Despite all the rumors describing how this technology is “dead,” it’s doing pretty good. There are several solid reasons why companies choose PHP, but this article is not about that. Instead, this one is about the next step to take when this choice has been made. We are going to show how to find, interview and hire PHP developers these days.

The Hiring Model Makes an Impact

The first thing to sort out here is the hiring model. Do you hire locally, via a freelance platform, or with the help of an IT staffing company? The topis that would be described lower are universal. Still, it’s essential to understand how to apply them taking into account the hiring model. For example, when you are hiring locally, you can invite candidates to your office. Thus, you can watch them do a technical assessment. With freelancers, you’ll have to take measures to ensure your candidate has been doing it by himself or didn’t use more time than required.

You’ll have to be inventive to overcome the difficulties when hiring remotely. For instance, you can inform a candidate that time is being tracked once an email with a technical assignment is sent. Things like that will help you have a fair screening process. There are hundreds of PHP developers for hire so let’s find out how to acquire a real professional.

Make Your Requirements as Clear as Possible

It’s essential to mention that because it helps to improve the recruitment process. So, make sure your job description is well-written. Outline all requirements and job responsibilities. You can also include some unique information in the middle or at the end of your report. It can be something like a secret answer to a secret question. This way, you’ll be able to understand if a person has read your job description carefully by simply asking one unique question.

Even with a well-described vacancy, you’ll still get requests and CVs from underqualified candidates. Little tricks like the one we have mentioned above will help you to minimize their amount. Always ask for CVs and recommendations. Eventually, this will help to hire dedicated PHP developers faster by sorting out irresponsible candidates.

What to Pay Attention to on an Interview

If the applicant looks like a valid candidate who follows your criteria, it’s time to conduct an interview. Make sure to double-check everything you can before actually inviting the candidate. Many people are inattentive, but you don’t want to waste your time on them, so do double-check.

Soft Skills Are Important

Even if you are hiring remotely, you have everything you need to analyze how good is the candidate in communicating. There’s no doubt that soft skills are essential for good career prospects. Make sure to hire PHP web developers with good communication skills because these guys are working in teams. There are plenty of cases when programmers with outstanding technical skills were not able to become valuable employees. This is because they were not able to become a team player.

It’s usually obvious how good is a candidate in communication. Still, you can create various situations on purpose to see how each candidate reacts. This will help to understand how this particular person will react in a similar situation in the future. Don’t take it too far, though. Remember, while you are evaluating your candidates, they are considering you.

Conduct a Technical Interview

This part is probably the hardest one. It’s hard only if you don’t have anyone with a technical background working for you. Thus, it’s a tricky task if you don’t have a CTO or a senior developer. It’s excellent if your candidate has an outstanding portfolio with a project like yours. If not, you’ll have to check on the skills carefully. A smart way would be to prepare questions and a few alternative answers to them. It would be easier for you to outline questions that have strict answers. Open-ended questions are good, but you might get an unusual answer.

When interviewing the PHP developers, record all the responses you get from a candidate. Don’t make an offer right away. It’s ok to take some time. You can say you need a day or a few to make a decision. Then, you can use those days to compare all the candidates you have been interviewing. You’ll be taking a risk if you don’t have anyone who can check on technical details. A technical interview won’t be a problem if you have a senior developer, CTO, or someone like that.

Making the Final Hiring Decision

If you have a great pool of candidates, you might face a tricky situation. You’ll end up having a hard time defining which candidate is the best. In such a case, it’s ok to organize a final interview. However, it has to be done in such a way that will help you to outline the main differences between those candidates. Don’t be afraid to ask for this because if an applicant is unwilling to do it, he is not interested.

The current job market situation is rather inconvenient for companies looking for tech talent. There are not enough experienced programmers to satisfy the demand. If you are facing such a situation, you’ll have better chances of hiring remotely. With the help of modern software and a little imagination, you can organize virtual interviews and apply the same rules here. Be careful and thorough, and don’t rush into any decisions. Good luck!

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