How to Interview and Hire the Best Salesperson?

How to Interview and Hire the Best Salesperson
How to Interview and Hire the Best Salesperson

How to Interview and Hire the Best Salesperson? Hiring is never simple. Hiring the best seller is even more difficult! Unlike natural imagination, there is no ready seller in the market.

Despite being extremely talented, figures like Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, relied on a well-structured commercial process. And selling well means filtering and training the most promising names on the market.

But unlike a football team, which has an extensive network of scouts, we who deal with SMEs cannot afford to hire the best salesperson from one of the hottest startups of the moment, or even take the star off a company like P&G, Microsoft, and so on.

Therefore, we must know how to choose promising talents. And to find the right people, we need to structure the proper selection process.

Without the practical activities, questions, and coaching, there’s a good chance we’ll bring the wrong candidate into the sales job. And worse than that, it’s possible to train talent and then see it leave your company to sell to a more significant competitor!

Want to understand better how to solve these types of problems about interviews? That’s what we’re here for. Come on!

Hiring the best seller is a matter of culture, money and timing

I know that sentence is not very clear. But let’s get to the facts. If you are an SME, you are hardly an SAP, Oracle, etc., salesperson. It will bring good results for your company.

This is because he is used to an already consolidated commercial culture, receives large commissions, and is supported by the strength of the big brands when negotiating.

I recommend that you read this text about mistakes made when hiring outbound sellers. Then you will see a difference in the treatment of leaders. In one of the cases, the first one, more specifically, will naturally give more credibility to your speech. In the second, it will be necessary to carry out all the work of convincing!

Therefore, it is necessary to know very well what is the moment for your company. Then, in very embryonic scenarios of a Startup or SME, the founders should make the sale depending on the product type.

When it has a specific size, it is necessary to hire salespeople. And preferably, you need to hire the best salesperson you’ve ever sold. We are talking about an Executor/Communicator. Let’s dig a little deeper!!!

How to Interview? Executor/Communicator – the best salesperson who ever sold

There are four types of behavioral profiles. They are:

  • Communicator;
  • Executor;
  • Planner;
  • Analyst.

To not go too far on the subject, I will summarize the characteristics of each of these profiles. For example, the executor is the hands-on guy, extremely competitive, seeks extreme results, is courageous and dominant.

As the name suggests, the communicator relates easily to others, is optimistic, has the power of persuasion, and is enthusiastic about projects.

On the other hand, the planner is calm, has a constant pace of work, and is quite conservative. As a result, you don’t get along very well with improvisation.

Lastly, we have the analyst, who is highly detail-oriented, organized, and does well with repetitive tasks and process control.

With these explanations, you can already see why the Executor/Communicator, when we talk about hiring the best seller, is the best option, even if he has never sold anything!

Now that you know which profile to look for, let’s go to the best interview format and dynamics to find this professional!

Dynamics and interview – what are the best dynamics and questions to find the best talent?

There are several ways to find a potential salesperson with talent in a selection process. One of them is the realization of dynamics. The ideal is to present some case studies for the candidates to solve as a group.

The salesperson usually presents the solution to the bank (he doesn’t necessarily need to search for the case’s answer actively; he can give it well).

He is the person who manages to take the technical aspects presented by the team and transform them into a captivating speech-based only on the value proposition.

And as he naturally has a profile that tries to reach his goals at any cost, he will be the person who will go all the way to try to overcome all the objections presented.

But, during this type of stage, the excess of executors can end up overshadowing some executor who has a more withdrawn (but no less talented) profile.

Therefore, another step is carried out: a sales simulation!

How to Interview? Sales simulation – differentiating simple from complex sales

A natural view that people have is to think that sales follow the same path in any situation. This is normal when we talk about people who have no complicated sales experience.

Because of this, there is nothing better than creating a situation where a simple trading technique is worthless.

Of course, most applicants will approach the same approach, trying to sell from the beginning without understanding the context. But it is at this point; we check if any of them naturally already have an advisory profile.

If any of them already start using questions to understand the situation before modeling a speech, we can already know that we have a tremendous potential talent ahead.

For everyone else, it is worth passing the feedback after the first attempt to see how the absorption will be for the next steps.

So, in summary, create a sales situation to assess the candidate’s profile better. Communicators naturally ask more questions, and executors absorb feedback well. Therefore, pay close attention to these aspects.

What are questions to ask in the later stages of the interview?

This part of the selection process, unfortunately, is not standard for all companies. Therefore, the last step of the selection process should focus on aligning the company’s culture with that of the candidate.

So, for this part of the process, there is no magic formula. But, first, it is necessary to define which questions are required to raise the aspects of the candidate’s personality that you want to know.

So, before choosing the questions, always think carefully about the candidate profile you want. Unfortunately, there is no ready-made formula to find the perfect candidate, as each company has its peculiarities.

Segmentation makes hiring easier

We all know that a company needs segmentation to achieve predictive sales results. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out an efficient selection process to hire the right parts for the team.

Of course, hiring a complete salesperson is difficult, but segmenting the process into prospecting, qualifying, and sales executive makes it much easier for the company to find the right people.

With it evolving little by little in the process, performing the most straightforward functions first, it becomes easier to find the right person since it is not necessary to see the complete professional, already trained.

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