How to Keep Books on the Shelf Always Clean

How to Keep Books on the Shelf Always Clean
How to Keep Books on the Shelf Always Clean

Those who love to read have many books at home and don’t always know where. But did you know that you can solve this by placing them as part of the decoration of a space? After all, there are several reasons for you to invest in having books on the shelf and using them in a place at home.

In the following post, check out why it is fantastic to adopt this piece of furniture and learn 5 ways to keep your books always clean and organized. Good reading!

Why invest in a bookcase at home?

As you have seen, a bookshelf filled with books is an excellent piece of decoration. After all, in addition to the furniture itself, the variety of covers and cores makes it look even better. You can even combine it with other decor items to give a different touch to both the shelf and your space.

Another advantage is that having books is a unique way to show yourself to people who visit your home. Plus, it’s something that matches any decor style.

How do you keep the books in the conserved property?

Now that you know the reasons to decorate with books on the shelf, you also need to pay attention to their care. For that, check out the 5 tips we’ve separated for you!

1 – Clean the bookcase with a damp cloth

To take care of the property itself quickly, you can do some cleaning and practice. First, on a damp cloth, clean the surface as long as it is not waxed. Then you can finish with another wet and clean cloth, letting it dry well. But, ah, it’s worth removing all the books for this cleaning first.

2 – Keep a shelf in an airy place

It is essential that the bookcase is in an airy place and not too leaning against the wall. This way, you avoid the dangers of mold and keep your books and your home safer. In addition, it prevents them from being damp, especially in rainy weather, which can spoil them.

3 – Place the bookcase away from windows

If, on the one hand, books need light and an airy environment, it is also not ideal for you to place a bookcase too close to windows or even doors. That’s because if they get direct sun, they can also spoil.

In addition, the chance of dust accumulating is greater, and you run the risk of an insect getting in and staying among the books.

4 – Dust the books

If it’s not the day for thorough cleaning of the bookshelf, it’s worth dusting the books from time to time. After all, accumulated dust can be harmful, especially for those with allergies and reading.

Vacuuming what can be more efficient is worth using this to be quick and efficient.

5 – Create an order

So far, the cleaning talk, but what about the organization? To serve as a decorative piece is to serve as an essential piece. Therefore, it is worth applying two fundamental tips. The first is to create an order for the books, following categories such as:

  • gender;
  • author;
  • size;
  • Weight.

Also, you must refund the book to the right place after you finish reading it. That way, the shelf will always stay organized.

In fact, instead of taking out the books and then not remembering the order, it’s worth removing every day of cleaning, taking the books out of the first one, and moving on to the next.

So, there is nothing better than having an original and unique decoration that shows everyone who you are. Therefore, it is very worthwhile to use the books on the shelf to create it.

But to do this right, it is essential to always take care of them and the furniture. After all, clouds, dust, and mold can destroy your books and cause problems. Clutter has the opposite effect and makes your space look like clutter and chaos.

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