How to Make a Home Budget Worksheet

How to make a home budget worksheet
How to make a home budget worksheet

How to make a home budget worksheet? Keeping accounts up to date is quite a challenge! You need to keep track of credit cards, weekend spending, bills, and more! The work is so much that many people prefer to use a home budget spreadsheet.

They are more straightforward than much financial control software and can be adapted to your reality. If you joined the idea, you still haven’t followed the post, and you can understand what a home budget worksheet is to achieve financial balance!

Why do financial planning?

Some people complain that the salary always ends before the month. Others say they don’t know where all their money goes. Finally, some want to buy a house but never have a penny left. If you identify with one of these situations, the problem may be a lack of planning.

Without winning if you plan, it doesn’t matter if you do a lot or a little: it will never be enough! When you get organized, pay the bills and set your spending limit, you can keep your current account in check. It is a fundamental saber:

What are you spending more on?

Home budget

  • So, what you need to cut out of your routine;
  • how much you can save monthly;
  • And how to keep your accounts up to date;
  • how to make your long-term dreams come true.
  • So change that today: create a spreadsheet and do your financial control.

Is it worth using a worksheet to control accounts?

But why not write down the bills in the notebook? The reasons are many. Everything manual is more prone to errors. Besides, you don’t take your notebook with you wherever you go, and you can forget to write down this or that expense!

The accounts can be done automatically with formulas updating

whenever you enter a new expense with a spreadsheet. And there is still the advantage of them wherever you go, right on your smartphone. If you don’t know anything about spreadsheets, get basic video lessons on the internet and learn how to use Excel Calc.

How to assemble a domestic budget worksheet?

Home budget

You can create your spreadsheet yourself. To do this, start the following data in the first row, from left to right:

  1. type of movement (inflow or outflow of money);
  2. payment/receipt method (credit card, checking account, cash);
  3. forecasted transaction data;
  4. movement value.

Do this before you even get your paycheck. When recording an entry — such as salary, third party salary, etc. — put the value in the positive form. If it’s an output, leave it registered as a negative.

Record everything planned for the month, water bills, rent, expenses, etc.

Home budget

Once you’ve written everything down below the last amount recorded, use a SUM formula to find the final balance. That way, you’ll see how much will be leftover (or missing) in your monthly budget.

The extra amount must limit spending on leisure and other non-forecast expenses. Remember to start saving, forming a financial reserve for your goals and possible unforeseen costs.

If you’re closing the month in the red, check out what the most significant expenses on your list are focusing on. That way, you’ll know what you need to cut to save.

It may be time to make a price comparison on the month’s purchases for more affordable options. If, for example, your spending on cleaning products is high, it is worth doing market research and looking for more opportunities with the best cost-benefit!

If you have difficulties using the spreadsheet, you can download apps that have already downloaded the ready-made file and allow you to follow up. Just adapt everything to your reality!

Build your home budget worksheet, even in a straightforward way. The important thing is to start and, little by little, improve the use of the tool and the control of accounts. That’s a lot to control your finances!

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