How to Make Edible Paint at Home?

How to Make Edible Paint at Home
How to Make Edible Paint at Home

How to Make Edible Paint at Home? Every child loves a good party, whether playing, singing, dancing, and in the kitchen then? The revelry is even more delicious. How about joining the game with your little one in the kitchen, that is, the useful and the pleasant?

Edible paints are extremely popular with children and babies, and playing with colors is even more fun. Check out now 5 edible paint recipes to make with your little one.

5 edible paint recipes to make at home

1 – Fruit Ink

Fruits are delicious for the little ones. Take your little one’s favorite fruit and make a nice puree. For this, you can use bananas, kiwi, papaya, strawberry, and apple. Each one will have a different color that will make the experience even more impressive.

2 – Ink of Vegetables and Vegetables

The principle of this paint is very similar to that of fruit, make a puree. So you can use tomatoes, squash, chayote, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, among many others. So it can also be an opportunity to introduce these foods to the little ones and make the experience fun.

3 – Yogurt edible paint

Yogurt ink is very simple to make. You only need a pot of plain yogurt and then add a few drops of colored food coloring. This way, you will have adorable homemade paint. If you want, you can also give the color through the fruit. How about blending yogurt and fruit in a blender?

4 – Gelatin Ink

This edible paint is straightforward: just put the gelatin powder of each color in a different pot and put some boiling water. Mix well and go! It’s quick and easy to do.

5 – Ice Ink

Add food coloring to the water and place it in an ice tin. Could you take it to freeze, and that’s it? Then, when it’s frozen, could you give it to the kids to play?

Fun right? Tell us which of these edible paint recipes you made with your little one.

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