How to Make Good Photos for Online Store?

How to Make Good Photos for Online Store?
How to Make Good Photos for Online Store?

Many people feel that you have to be a professional photographer or have the best camera to take good pictures. See now some practical tips to make good photos for the virtual store using your cell phone and conquer the public!

Images and their impact on the customer experience

Imagine that you are looking to buy clothes for physical activities on the internet. Then, you come across a virtual store that shows you in detail all your pieces. The photos, in addition to being transparent, show various ways of using the same clothing.

And, to complement it, in addition to the brief description of each item, the website also has videos that show more details of each piece. However, the values ​​are a little higher compared to other stores you’ve already researched.

Which of the following two choices do you prefer? The more expensive store showed more details or the more store with a lower price, but you can’t see the product?

Good images have a positive impact at the time of purchase, and several surveys show this. One was carried out by Visual Website Optimizer, which pointed out that more significant, sharper images increase sales by 9%.

Find out how to make good photos for the online store

See now helpful and practical tips on how to make the best photos for an online store.

Photos for online store: Natural lighting

Photos that receive natural light add more reality to the image

So, if you have an open space at your disposal, which receives natural light, take advantage: not even the best photography equipment can replace it. Some mandatory for as much natural light as possible:

to enhance as cores, bring a depth of the photo and illuminate directly from the object, use a front light;

  • Midday sunlight favors contrast, not being the best time. However, you can try depending on the context;
  • Dawn and late afternoon light, called sidelight, enhance the shadows. These are the ideal times to photograph natural landscapes and cities;
  • depending on the object you want to photograph; you can select the technique known as “silhouette,” in which an object is placed in the foreground position, with the sun behind it;
  • Considering the context and the message you want to convey, shooting on darker, cloudy days can bring different effects to the photo.
Photos for online store: Background x mini studio

If your products are more minor, setting up a mini studio can be a good option. For this, use EVA-coated Styrofoam with a single color. First, piece together like a box, with only one side open. Then, just put the available part forward. There, the objects will be on a background with a single color. It is called infinity.

Setting up a mini studio can help reduce costs with more elaborate photos, such as those produced in professional studios.

Photos for online store: Create backdrops

Create your scenarios. At the time, produce the photos, look for references, and then analyze what can be part of a scenario among the things you have. It should convey the message you are looking for.

So, consider using fabrics, tablecloths, clothing, and decorative objects in general when setting up your scenery. Another critical point is not to look at these items in isolation: try to make and arrangements.

Photos for virtual store: Humanization

Your audience sees much more than a simple image. That way, humanize your image in the best way possible. However, the meaning of humanizing here is not related to the simple fact of using “people” to take photographs of your brand.

Use your sensitivity to create photo contexts in which your customer sees himself consuming your product. If you sell warm clothing, you can choose to take pictures on a cloudy day, for example.

Photos for online store: Angles, details, tripod, and timer

The same image, but seen from a different angle, can have other impacts. So, if you haven’t mastered the photography technique, try different angles, ask for feedback from people, and get inspired by the references.

On the other hand, the tripod helps with stability when taking a picture. After all, who has never trembled at the click? And, to make the image with more quality, consider using the timer. That way, you won’t even have to touch your hand to take a picture.

Photos for online store: Photo treatment

Calm down: you don’t need a super program to edit your photos. Today, several apps can be installed on your phone for basic photo editing. Most of them have free versions, which are already a natural hand on the wheel for those who want to change some details of the images.

Some examples of photo editing applications are Lightroom, which has the function main the balance between colors, and the Airbrush, which allows retouching images of the face and body.

We are visual beings: don’t forget this

We, humans, are visual beings.

This means that we understand the world around us in the sense of sight, in the sense that we are attracted to what pleases us visually. So, in addition to good photos, don’t give up on good design and good images, not only on your virtual store but also on your social networks.

However, it is noteworthy that both channels must present an excellent visual unit to facilitate the identification of the brand by the public.

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