How to Make Modeling Clay With Cornstarch?

How to make modeling clay with cornstarch
How to make modeling clay with cornstarch

How to Make Modeling Clay With Cornstarch? The universe of modeling clay has infinite possibilities, which turns playing into an activity loved by children. The fertile imagination of the little ones and the natural attraction they feel for colors make any child want to build a new world when they have modeling clay in their hands.

Fun is guaranteed to pass the time, the activity is also very educational, as it works with young children’s creativity and motor coordination. It’s worth preparing the dough at home and encouraging the little ones to make new creations, mix colors to create other pigments, and unleash creativity.

See two recipes that use the same ingredients in different amounts. Choose according to the piece of dough you want to prepare and the consistency. The first recipe makes the dough looser, while the second makes it more doughy.

Modeling clay recipe 1:

– 1 cup of cornstarch
– 2 cups of salt
– 3 tablespoons of water
– food coloring

Modeling clay: Mix the wheat flour and salt in a pan until the mixture is smooth. Add water while stirring and destroy the balls that form so that the dough is soft. Next, put the dough on the fire for a few minutes and go until the mixture is firmer. Then, just put the paint to color and wait for it to cool down to start modeling and have fun.

Modeling clay recipe 2:

– 2 cups of cornstarch
– 1 cup of water
– 1 cup of salt
– food coloring

Modeling clay: Put the cornstarch, salt, and water in a pan and mix well. Heat in a Maria bath and wait until the dough is consistent and comes out of the pan. Drop the dye (one taste is enough) and wait for it to cool to use. Don’t forget to store it well, if possible, in a plastic bag to maintain consistency.

Modeling clay recipe 3

– 1 large bowl to mix everything
– 1 tablespoon to measure quantities and stir the mixture
– 4 tablespoons of wheat flour filled
– 1 tablespoon of vinegar
– 2 tablespoons of salt
– 3 tablespoons of water
– 1 tablespoon of gouache paint in the color you prefer

Modeling clay: The first step is to dissolve the gouache in the water, making it easier to add color later. Next, in the container place, flour, vinegar, and salt and mix everything. Then add the paint and water and mix until the dough is very smooth.

creation ideas

Many sculptures can be created with plasticine, from primary and easy drawings like flowers and dolls to little monsters, animals, and complex images. Children can challenge themselves to create anything and even make more difficult sculptures with the help of their parents.

It is also possible to use some instruments to help in the game, such as molds, pencils to make stripes and holes, and small accessories with different shapes, such as erasers and sharpeners. External tools are handy when creating the details and giving even more life to the formed object.

To get even more inspired by the game, see some images of easy sculptures and others more complex that can be a great challenge for the whole family.

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