How To Make Slime For Beginners!

How To Make Slime ?
How To Make Slime ?

Learning how to make slime is guaranteed fun, especially if you go with the kids. It can be found ready-made, but preparing it at home becomes the most attractive and fun experience.

Discover five types of slime to make with your children and have great memories. ( So when preparing the slime a child must always be accompanied by an adult ) .

How to make fluffy slime

  • In a pot, add a medium amount of white glue and mix well;
  • Add a good amount of shaving cream;
  • Optional: dependency the dye with the desired color and mix;
  • Dispose of a small dose of activator, always mixing;
  • The slime is at the point when it no longer adheres to the pool;
  • If necessary, add some more shaving foam.

How to make with toothpaste

  • Place a tube of toothpaste;
  • Add colorant of the chosen color;
  • So mix the ingredients;
  • Microwave for 30 seconds and mix;
  • Repeat the above step until the dough does not stick to the pot;
  • Add a drop of glycerin for consistency;
  • Stir until you reach the ideal point.

How to make metallic slime

  • In a container, add the clear glue;
  • Add a little water and stir slowly;
  • So add gold or silver paint;
  • Distribute glitter according to the chosen color;
  • Place the activator to give the ideal point;
  • Keep stirring and add some more activators if necessary.

How to make with detergent

  • Choose a clear detergent to make the clear slime;
  • Turn the bottle over, with the lid closed, and wait for all the bubbles to rise;
  • Place half of the contents in a container;
  • So add a tube of clear glue;
  • Add a drop of a dye of the chosen color;
  • Optional: stir and add glitter;
  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda and a little of activator;
  • Add the activator little by little
  • But Please store it in a pot with a lid and let it sit for a few hours.

How to make giant pink slime

  • Put toothpaste in a pot;
  • Add water and mix until a lot of foam forms;
  • Set this mixture aside and set aside;
  • In another container, add a good amount of white glue and water;
  • Mix well and add a few drops of red dye;
  • If necessary, add some more white glue;
  • Join the first and second mixture and measure well;
  • So add activator
  • Finally, knead with your hands and finish with the activator.

So which one will you do first? I hope you have fun making your slime.

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