How To Proceed Factory Reset on Android Smartphone?

How To Proceed Factory Reset on Android Smartphone

Before starting with your lovely new smartphone, you need to be ready to sell or recycle your old Android smartphone without compromising your safety, data, and info in the process. In this publication, we’ll explain how to proceed a factory reset on Android smartphone.

This day has finally come! Your exciting new phone has arrived, and you can’t wait to start learning about all the new features at your fingertips. Firstly, you must be ready to sell or recycle old phones. This means performing a factory reset on your Android phone, which will erase all your data so that other people cannot access your personal information.

Why do you need to erase all data in the smartphone? 

In short: if you don’t, others will be able to access it. This is embarrassing and intrusive at best-downright dangerous at worst. Rickey Cyr, co-founder and editor of TechTastes explained: “If you don’t restore the factory settings before selling your phone to someone, they can view all your photos and files, as well as find your address and all passwords.” com. They can even retrieve deleted text messages

The security risks don’t stop there. If you are still in Google Pay, Samsung Pay, your bank account, or other financial service applications, then in theory, whoever gets your phone can invest your money and impersonate you. “The problem and fraud of identity robbery are authentic,” said Liam Shotwell, UpPhone’s lead author for Android. “Failing to restore the factory settings correctly before giving your Android phone to someone else is like giving every critical detail of your life to someone.

What to do before restoring factory settings? 

Before proceeding with the factory reset, you should backup all data. “Erasing all the data in your phone brings the risk of deleting the content you care about forever,” Shotwell explained. “This could be personal information, photos, videos, files, or other data. Users should back up all their [want to keep] data.” Technically, there are ways to retrieve data after restoring the factory settings, but doing so It’s complicated, and there is no guarantee at all. 

It is best not to seize this opportunity. Please be careful not to select “Erase SIM Card Memory” during reset, as this will also reset your SIM card. Otherwise, the reset only applies to your phone, not to the data on the SIM card. Are you wondering about the payment method saved on your phone? Don’t. They will be deleted by restoring factory settings.

Factory reset: step by step

Although the steps to perform a factory reset may vary depending on the brand of your Android phone, there is one thing everyone should do. “Before you start, make sure your device is charging,” Shotwell says. “Reset may take a long time, and your phone mustn’t stop by a drained battery.”.

After being full, he says to restore the factory settings according to the following steps: 

  1. Open your settings. Go to System. 
  2. Advanced
  3. Reset options
  4. Erase all data (factory reset)
  5. Reset phone. You will need to type a password or PIN. 
  6. Finally, click to erase everything. 

One important note: These steps are specific to Google Pixel devices (clear Android). Although they may be similar to other Android devices, be sure to check your brand description for safety. “Other phones can be reset similarly, but the options may be in a slightly different position in your settings,” Shotwell added.

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