How To Sell Your Mobile Application?

How To Sell Your Mobile Application

With the increasing growth of smartphones and other mobile devices, there is no doubt that today is the best time to sell mobile applications to such a large target market. But how to start this promising industry? In this article, are three manageable levels on how to sell your mobile application or become an app reseller.

Mobile application building

Making a useful or interesting application is the first step to make it genuinely marketable. As with any other product, uniqueness and user-friendliness are essential qualities that you should focus on. You can sell apps in three ways. 

Firstly, if you have technical skills, write the code yourself. Secondly, ask a mobile application developer and put forward your ideas. Third, use the white-label mobile app builder and become an app distributor. If you lack technical skills and need easy-to-customize apps, then the white-label mobile app dealer package is for you.

Submission of your mobile application

The next important step is submission, where the App Store (or another application market) needs to approve it before it “lives.” As you know, Apple’s App Store is the most rigorous in terms of submission. 

But they are also one of the most commonly used platforms for users when looking for new applications. Therefore, you want to follow their submission rules to avoid trouble and get approval immediately. 

Marketing your mobile application

Now that your app is officially released and available for download, it’s time to promote it. Because you have many competitors, you must be very creative and diligent when promoting your white label mobile application. There are many ways to create buzz around your application. But the easiest and most effective way is through online marketing. Social media marketing and blogs are just two good examples of online/internet marketing techniques you should consider.

Why should you sell your app? 

The whole complex thing about trading a profitable business is that selling rarely makes financial sense. If your app’s monthly profit is US$10,000 and you find a buyer of US$300,000, then you only need to wait six months to make a profit of US$60,000. The value of the app may still be 30 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

That announced, there are reasons for you to sell your mobile application, many of which are ultimately very personal. For example, a friend of mine sold his app in 2018, partly because his wife was pregnant with our fourth child. I want to relieve my financial pressure before giving birth and take a rest after giving birth. 

How to find buyers for my app?

 In some cases, buyers will contact you directly, but you will most likely have to list your app for sale. The three top sites that do this are Flippa, Fliptopia, and App Business Brokers. I have no experience with Flippa or Fliptopia, but I have used App Business Brokers.

Some companies purchase apps directly. I haven’t sold apps this way, but I have had several interesting conversations with Maple Media over the years. And I quickly searched a few on Google: We Buy Apps, Prometheus Interactive, and Apps Buyout (note: these links are not endorsements; you must do your homework before deciding to cooperate with any company).

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