How To Translate Your WordPress Site Into Multiple Languages?

How To Translate Your WordPress Site Into Multiple Languages

Once a business enters the digital world, they are hit with users’ online traffic from all over the world, something they are not ready for, despite detailed planning. Reasons? Online users are like rock and rolling lollipops until unless they contact you in any way, you won’t know what is going on in their minds. In this article, you’ll learn how to translate your WordPress website into multiple languages.

Expanding your business at an international level means you will be in touch with global customers and speak various dialects. It so may happen they do not understand English at all! It’s a common problem that a business has to face, i.e., the language barrier.  

Jump to the next level of providing multilingual websites with WordPress translation services so that you can have a better call to make. But how is that going to be helpful? Let’s find out in detail.

Role of WordPress Site

Think of WordPress as a scrapbook. You have the facility to create anything you like on it. Likewise, the online creation tool in PHP is what lets you manage the content for the websites and the blogs. Possibly the easiest way of content management system exists in the form of WordPress. 

Whether you deal in eCommerce, blogging, B2B, or anything, WordPress helped you design a template, prepare a layout, and present your business on a website. 

Let’s say around 30% of the entire world is engaged in using WordPress sites to let users have more access to their domain, but how? Thanks to WordPress, you can translate your websites in multi-languages that make them more accessible to all language speakers.

But why would you want to go for a WordPress specifically when Google Translate is here for you, right? Well, personalizing your website is what it is all about. So let’s find out the ways you can translate your website into multilingual domains. 

Install a WordPress plugin to translate your site

The most basic and convenient option is to install a translation plugin or even install a standalone WordPress human translation.

For instance, GTranslate is an automated machine translation (free of cost), and Google adds the widget to your website if you download it. So, contrarily cheap, it’s a hassle-free way to translate your website in multi-languages. But it does come with one limitation. Like any good software, it works to its capacity. Anything beyond the coding is not dealt with, so sometimes, translation quality may fluctuate.

But the good part is that you can avail of a paid version, get premium offers with a better quality translation, and be editable.

Semi-automatic machine translations 

If you fear the reliability score of automated translation is low, then your expectations using a semi-automated translation tool is the right approach to opt for.

For instance, Transposh allows you to successfully merge automated and human translation in 82 languages, which is quite a feat of its own. It’s a free and convenient way to translate the website in multi-languages without a hassle, but then again, you need to proofread every content translated to make sure the translation is on the right side of the page.

Most businesses do acquire semi-automatic machine translation because it is compatible with their layouts and user-friendly.

Customizable plugin to translate your WordPress site

Ajax Translator Revolution is another gem in the WordPress file. A premium tool worthy of installation is what you need to translate around 63 languages. Again, a developer has the courtesy to customize the web pages, posts, and other categories that seem out of detail but are noticeable by the user. 

You also have the facility to custom place the widget if it already isn’t visible on the webpage. You can edit the translations manually, which is a bonus for any business in case of any translation error. 

But yes, it’s not free. You have to pay $25 to make it all worth it. 

Qtranslate to translate your WordPress site

Immensely popular as a multilingual WordPress site, this is a storage house for all alternative languages. And you do not want to spare any extra expense, be glad. It’s free! And editing is more spartan than your imagination. You can click the tabs and edit the content however you want. 

Unfortunately, this part is going to halt your excitement because it’s got limited support (sad, I know), but if you have to face a technical glitch in it, then it’s a thumbs down. But like any good plugin, it does let you save the required space on the database.

 Despite its shortcomings, it is a handy tool and a creative way to translate the website. 

WPML is a life savior for many businesses that can’t find the “It factor” in a free plugin. Well, to give the oomph factor a premium plugin is the deal-breaker. However, it does cost around $79, but if you are looking for the best way to translate the web page, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

The best part is it overcomes the shortcomings of a free translation plugin, so you do not have to keep worrying about any technical support or update. In addition, a user-friendly tool that lets you configure every domain or subdomain into multi-languages is a perfect spin for businesses.

WordPress Multisite 

How about if you didn’t have to use network plugins?

It seems as if WordPress 3.0 lets you share the design and theme for the site. The advantage comes with having separate directories for media. So if you think you can go for one language per website? You are thinking straight. The core functionality is safe for every native language.

But if you are thinking of using it, use it wisely because it is rather tricky to configure and manage as you have to create a network of websites. Moreover, it is helpful for domain mapping and is an excellent option for more significant and more complex sites.

Looking at all possibilities

Now that we have listed some of the best ways to integrate the methods for translating websites. But even if you are unsatisfied with any of the forms, remember where there’s a will. There’s always a way, i.e., you still can always go for professional WordPress translation services if you think this is the most suitable way. 

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