How to Use Clipping and Its Importance?

How to Use Clipping and Its Importance
How to Use Clipping and Its Importance

How to use Clipping and its importance? Have you thought about the amount of news circulating on the internet and other media every day? Why is it important to do this monitoring? The clipping strategy can be the answer to these questions.

In this content, understand what Clipping is and how it works, the importance of this process, and how it can be a competitive advantage for those who sign up.

Know what Clipping is:

Someone may be talking about your brand right now, positively or negatively.

And besides, this person’s opinion maybe being seen by so many others, and the worst part: without a clipping strategy, you may never know what so much is said about your company.

It is the name to monitor and document all mentions made to a company or even an individual.

In the past, the Clipping was done manually in the printed articles that were produced: such as newspapers, folders, and magazines, and in addition, all the material was organized in physical folders.

Therefore, we must analyze newspapers, newscasts, portals, websites, radios, social networks, streaming platforms, online magazines, podcasts, blogs, or any other means of communication that mention our business.

Currently, there are two types of Clipping: internal and external.

How Clipping Works:

1- Definition of objectives and tools

Why and what types of content do you want to check?

Define the purpose of the process. This will facilitate the choice of terms and the best search tools for mentions, especially in the digital environment.

2- Search assertions of keywords

Define which keywords are relevant to your segment or business so that your search is effective. Such an attitude will help to seek information about a single brand or person and competitors.

3- Monitoring of vehicles online and offline

How to use Clipping? Today, most media also have an online version, making it easier to follow the offline world.

Thus, the same news that was “said” on the radio or in the newspaper is also on the website or portal of the communication vehicle itself.

5 – Analysis of the mapped material

Group the information according to the relevance of each one to the brand or public person. In short, the mentions are classified as positive, negative, and neutral.

This classification can be in several ways. The most common are:

Centimeter, which refers to the value of the advertising space table in which the mention was complete that is, how much the brand would pay if it wanted to advertise in this medium;

Scoring, which occurs when scores are assigned for each medium that the brand appeared, considering its relevance to the public;

In a subjective and specific way, you are starting from the analysis of each mention. Therefore, this final form is more suitable for companies with few but essential mentions.

The importance of good Clipping:

Why is it important to know what people say about my brand?

Clipping helps you measure how relevant your communication and marketing strategies are.

Consider an advertising campaign for Mother’s Day, which aims to go viral on social media and offline media, for example, positively. Thus, we check whether the campaign has achieved its goals.

Metrics from social media and websites show numbers relevant to the strategy. However, Clipping is something broader and more subjective.

The second option brings much more possibilities to generate insights for the entrepreneur.

In addition, with Clipping, it is also possible to discover:

  • What are the most relevant themes for the public about a brand;
  • Which ones to avoid;
  • How is the reputation of your company and its competitors in the public eye;

Clipping vs. Competitive advantage:

Remember that all the information you can gather from your audience is valuable to your sales or marketing strategies. As a result, we have this as a competitive advantage over your competition.

After all, Clipping, as we’ve already mentioned, also allows you to learn more about your competition and what they are also talking about.

Listen to your audience:

Check what your audience has to say about your brand goes far beyond hiring a clipping service.

In this context, being aware of any informal feedback, such as “this request is taking too long,” is essential. After all, what your customers say should serve as a thermometer for improving your processes and strategies.

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