Is It Worth Paying for a WordPress Premium Theme?

Is It Worth Paying for a WordPress Premium Theme

WordPress users can choose between thousands of free themes, including many created by the most skilled developers in the business. So why would WordPress users pay for premium themes? Is it worth paying for a WordPress premium theme?

One of the most extraordinary things about building a WordPress site is the massive number of themes you can choose. There are thousands of articles to suit any design sensibility. Whether you’re building a simple blog or a complex eCommerce store, you will find a theme that fits your needs. There are so many themes that it can be hard to choose.

One of the first questions to ask yourself is this: free or premium? To use a premium theme, you have to buy a license from a developer. To use a free theme, you download it. There are thousands of free themes in the official theme repository, ranging from minimalist blogging themes to complex grid layouts to eCommerce themes and beyond.

With such a wide selection of free WordPress themes, it’s reasonable to wonder why anyone would pay for a premium theme. There is a thriving market for premium themes, and many developers make a living by selling them.

Premium Themes Can Be Easier To Work With

If you have a clear idea of how your site should look and the functionality you want it to have, you may be able to find a premium theme that matches your requirements exactly. This is great for less-experienced WordPress and WooCommerce users who don’t want to customize or configure their themes.

Premium Themes Can Be More Flexible

Developers who receive to work on themes can spend more time adding features. Paying attention to the needs of their users, and polishing the user experience.

This is not to say that free themes are not flexible, just that if you want several alternatives for sliders and other features, a professional theme may well include them out of the box (although that can also work against premium themes – simplicity has security and performance advantages).

Page builders are a crucial piece of functionality that you will find in many premium themes and few free themes. If you don’t have much experience with WordPress, a page builder will make it easier for you to get your site up and run.

Premium Themes Have Support: Worth Paying for a WordPress Premium Theme?

This is the big one: premium theme developers offer support to their users. The support is a large part of what you are paying for. They will answer questions, offer advice, and generally help their users make the most of their purchased theme.

Free theme developers often provide support, but they are under no obligation. It is bad manners to complain too loudly that you aren’t getting the help you need from a developer you aren’t paying.

If your business depends on its WordPress site and theme, it might be a good idea to pay for support.

Premium Themes Are Less Widely in Use: Worth Paying for a WordPress Premium Theme?

The most popular free themes are on hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of websites. They can be customized to some degree. But if you want your business’s branding to be unique, a premium theme may be the way to go . They are often much more configurable and less widely used.

Of course, the most popular premium themes are used on tens of thousands of sites. So if you want to be unique, you will want a custom theme. But that can inflate the price by thousands of dollars and is a subject for a different article.

Most WordPress users will be thrilled with a free theme, but if you need support. Premium features such as page builders, or a unique design, you may prefer to pay for a premium or custom WordPress theme.

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