Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using?

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using
Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) worth using? Managing the website is a tough job. You have to add, update and delete data where necessary daily. It’s more difficult when your website is made without any content management system (CMS) like WordPress.

To solve this problem, PHPCG introduces the Bootstrap 4 made dashboard generator tool to help you manage your website easily. You can check, add, update, and delete data from your database visually (GUI) without any coding knowledge. 

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using

PHP Crud Generator supports PHP and MySQL strongly. The visual display is all made of Bootstrap 4 that gives you a life-changing user experience. The interface is user-friendly yet attractive. It’s like an admin panel where you have to log in first. After that, you can manage your whole site on one page. 

PHP Crud Generator powerfully scans your whole database, all the relations, primary keys, foreign keys. You have the freedom to customize your database as you have with coding.

Let’s get deeper into this tool and find the installation process, how PHPCG works, and the different features you get.


To install PHPCG, you first have to purchase it. It only costs you 40$ for the lifetime access, and then you are good to go. You will get different files and a purchasing key via your email id that you use while checking out. 

You then have to upload the files onto your server. After uploading the files, open the URL with your website slash install like that;

A 4 step page opens in your device screen for the PHPCG installation. In its 1st step, PHP Crud Generator checks the server compatibility like PHP version, write permissions, etc.

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using

In the 2nd step, it sees your database connections for production host as well as localhost. So if you also want to use localhost, you need to connect with localhost in this step.

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using

In the 3rd step, you verify your license with the purchasing key received via email while purchasing PHPCG. Now your installation process is completed. And you are ready to use it. Finally, in the 4th step, you will get a successful installation message with the link of PHP Crud Generator.

The URL of PHP Crud Generator is as

Follows: – This is where you have all the different functionalities. Now it’s time to explore it and try to find how to use it effectively.

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using

How to Use PHP Crud Generator:

PHPCG is much easy to use with its friendly GUI(graphical user interface). But you have a little knowledge about the database to use it as you have to work with tables, fields, keys, and some other technical stuff. In addition, you have to do some settings to secure the PHP Crud Generation. To do this, below are some points to remember while using it.

1-Setup Login Page:

After the installation, your first step should be to set the login page before going to the generator page. For doing this, a button appears with the name General Setting on top of the page. Go to that page and set the Lock The Generator Tab to True. This way, you will have to log in every time before using the PHP Crud Generator. 

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using
2-Create Dashboard:

To create a Bootstrap 4 made Dashboard, you first need to select the table in the dropdown menu. These are the same tables you created in your database. For example, if you choose the User table, all the filtration will be applied to that table only. Similarly, you will create the forms of the same table’s data.

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using

3-Fetch Data From Database:

After choosing the table, the three tabs will show below. The No.1 tabs allow you to extract data from the selected table with the help of many filters. Using these filters effectively, you can check your data in a well-organized display. Of course, the more you use the filter, the less and more desired data you will get. 

4-Types Of Filters:

The PHP Crud Generator offers two types of filters. Basic/Simple Filters and Advanced Filters. The basic filters are the ones that you have to choose the value from the dropdown. The Advanced filters are those that need to filter two fields at the same time i.e., on the same dropdown field. Let say you want to display the first name and last name in the same field to filter both. To use advanced filters, you must know about MySQL queries and functions like JOINS to use both fields from different tables. 

5-Admin Panel:

You can’t see the data on the same page. So, to see the filtered data, there is a link on top of the page named Open The Admin Page. Follow the link, and data will appear on your screen in a fully graphical user interface(GUI).

Is PHP Crud Generator(PHPCG) Worth Using

It is the PHP Crud Generator admin panel where you can analyze the data. You can also edit any field you want. For example, let say you displayed data. You see, the title of a product is incorrect. To edit there, you can click on the input field. The field is open where you can write the correct one and submit OK.

The 2nd tab is Build Create/Update Forms. This tab is basically to build the list view. After that, you can add or edit any fields on the Admin panel.

The 3rd tab is Build Delete Forms. It is similar to the 2nd tabs in terms of functionalities. However, unlike the 2nd tab, this will help you to make deletion forms.

And that’s it. The complete process will be done in just a few clicks. You can add, edit, delete anything from any table from the database. That’s so simple and worth using. Not only it saves your time, but it gives you full-fledged flexibility and ease. 

PHP Crud Generator is easy to use and provides many premium features of the next level. Whether you are a company of hundreds of employees with so many developers working on the site or individuals, these features let you do your work quickly and smoothly. So, it’s time to see the different features of PHPCG and how these are effective for us.


From multiple admins to built-in admin templates, PHP Crud Generator offers many advanced features that make your purchase worth using. Now, let’s check one by one in detail.

1-Built-In Admin Panel Templates:

PHPCG offers 20+ readymade templates for the admin panel. All the templates are beautifully-designed and responsive. Choose your favorite color and the favorite design, and there you go; Your favorite display is on your screen. 

2-Manage Your Team:

Thanks to PHP Crud Generator, you can manage your team members, especially those who work with your site management. To do this, you first have to make an admin that will manage the whole team.

On the top right corner of your PHP Crud Generator dashboard, there is a link with the name Install The User Authentication Module. It’s like a signup form where you have to give a username, an email, and a password. After submitting the form, a link appears that redirects you to the admin page. There you have to log in to open your admin authentication module.

When you are logged in, you can now add different team members for the different roles. For setting roles, you first have to create roles. This way, you can manage your team smoothly without any confusion. You can always edit or delete any user with your admin module.


3-Content Management System:

This web-based software provides advanced tools to manage a content management system. Their Rich text toolkit, Date/Time Picker, Image Uploader, Lists, Checkbox, and lots of other tools help you manage your content in a very efficient way. For example, let say you want to change the font size of a title. You can do it in your Bootstrap 4 dashboard with its rich text toolkit. 

4-SEO-Friendly Code:

We know the implementation of this generator does through coding. The code PHPCG produced is well-organized, accessible, and easy to read. If you’re a programmer, you can read that Code smoothly. PHP Crud Generator best supports Object-Oriented Programming PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap, and MySQL. So, if you have command of these programming languages, you can easily read and understand the program. 


You will get lifetime access to PHPCG for just $40. No other charges you have to pay for any features. This is a reasonable price for this type of software, especially when you get lifetime access to all the premium features. So, this is an excellent opportunity for your team to take advantage of this tool at a very reasonable price.


Good Review:

In terms of review, PHP Crud Generator is worth using. Some said it gives advanced features with an easy user experience. Others said, no alternative to this tool because of its vast filters.



To manage your website, especially with multiple developers working on it, you must need this premium featured-rich tool to save your time.

PHPCG is not just adding, updating, or deleting the fields from the database, but it also provides different features which make it a content management system for your website. In addition, you will get lifetime access by paying once.

Everything can be done related to your database within PHP Crud Generator. It also allows you to write your queries that make it super-advanced and more professional. Within this price and these features, we highly recommend using this software. The interface, templates, features are just too good. So, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to change your life by saving tons of time.

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