Is Your Branding Consistent?

Is Your Branding Consistent

One of the essential attributes for a brand to have its authenticity. No one wants to show continuous support for a company that is just out there for the money. They want to feel like they are supporting something with core values that are similar to their own. They want to feel connected to the brand’s story – it’s what keeps them coming back. In this article, we’ll learn how to check if you branding is consistent.

So, what does brand consistency have to do with business success? The short answer is everything! 

Definition of Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is showing someone the same message in everything you put out there. It ensures that all of your core messages, visual branding, and written descriptions all reflect your individual story and company.  

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. Your branding needs to remain the same throughout. The end goal is for people to see your logo, even without words. So, know precisely what they are looking at. 

You recognize big-name brands just by their simple logo. For example, if you are watching a football game and the stats bar comes across the bottom of the screen. You may see a small logo for Pepsi or Gatorade or another well-known brand. That’s it, just a tiny logo. But you immediately know what it stands for and who it represents. Likewise, when you see a familiar logo on an ad or product placement in a television show or movie. You instantly know the brand and its messaging. 

How Do You Know If Your Branding is Consistent?

The first thing you need to ask yourself when deciding if your branding is consistent is. Does your brand design tell the same story? Remember, authenticity is critical in developing a thriving business. You want to make sure you are telling the same account across all of your media channels. Contradictions in how you put yourself out there make you seem like the values you are trying to showcase are not crucial to you. So, you are just using them to project you are something you are not and profit.

Does it have a positive feel? You want people to feel good when they see your media. It is proven that people who connotate a positive sense when they see something are more likely to buy something. Or use those services. You want customers to be happy, regardless of the industry you are in. So having them equate seeing your branding with positivity is essential.

Is your logo represented in everything you do? If not, is at least a portion of the symbol represented? If the answer is still no, then you need to make a change

Establish Brand Guidelines For a Consistent Branding

Large corporations and growing smaller corporations alike use brand guidelines to ensure their brands are adequately represented the same way across every platform utilized. These consistent practices ensure that anything created is on-point with the company’s mission statement, values, and goals.

Another feature to add along with established brand guidelines for usage is a style guide. This lays out exactly which colors and fonts are to when representing the brand. Every corporation is different and is at a different phase of their success, so something that is very detailed may be necessary for a major brand like Target or Disney, but a smaller brand may be able to use a more general style guide as they continue to build their business.

This is a great thing to have if you will enter the growing world of using Influencers to help promote your brand. Giving them a clear set of how you want the product represented while letting them handle the creative content can mean more exposure and less work. 

Evaluate Where You Are Most Effective

Especially in today’s over-saturated market, there are ads and marketing for just about anything imaginable everywhere. So it is easy to place an ad on every social media channel and website that you may forget that it is almost always not practical for your company. A better goal is to figure out where your target audience is and use that to your advantage. 

If your target audience is on Facebook, then marketing on Tik-Tok will not help your brand. It can hurt it. Tailoring your marketing to the up-and-coming trend can halt your growth and take away some of your authenticity. 

Finding out that Facebook is where your customers are means exactly where you should concentrate your efforts. Participating in like-minded groups that showcase businesses can help your brand stand out and is also a way to get ahead in your industry by increasing your reach of potential clients. 

Consistent Branding Final Thoughts

After evaluating your branding design, is it consistent across all of your marketing? If the answer is no, today is the day to fix that and watch your business take off!

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