Necessary Plugins When Launching a Site

Necessary Plugins when Launching a Site
Necessary Plugins when Launching a Site

When building a website or upgrading an old one, you want to make things easier to use and maintain. So sometimes, instead of building something from scratch, you can use already developed tools. Those tools are extensions to the website, and they are called plugins.

WordPress plugins are small pieces of code forming a small program that can be added to a website, and they can determine and change the behavior of the website. Thus, plugins improve the functionality of the website, and they are very useful for a user and developer because they enrich the user experience and save a lot of time.

Diversity and the number of WordPress plugins in the plugin library are some of the main reasons why WordPress is popular. However, it is hard to determine which plugin is needed and the best for your website with many choices.

The following text will introduce the best plugins necessary and perfect for launching a website.

WP Reset

WP Reset

WP Reset is a must-have plugin for every WordPress website. It can clean the website by deleting all unnecessary/unwanted data; it can reset the site. In addition, its snapshot feature serves sort of as a backup.

Sometimes a user makes an unwanted change or deletes some important file. This plugin can fix that in a blink of an eye by restoring a snapshot and retrieving the website state before that change occurs.

Emergency Recovery Script is another essential part of this plugin that offers total control over the website in critical situations. It analyzes every part of it and checks for errors and changes. So it can help with hacked sites, lost data, or lost login info.

It has a long list of useful tools. Depending on the tool, it checks different parts and returns different results. WordPress Installation and Server Information are two basic tools. The Core Files tool checks if there is some change in the core folder, searching for malware or viruses.

If it finds, it sends a report. The reset tool resets all settings and leaves only one admin account and default values. If you’re having issues with the installation or a hacked site, this is a great tool to have; it resets the WP installation, and you can start over.

Another important tool is related to resetting roles for the accounts. You have one admin account which can create other accounts and assign the roles and privileges to them. The list of tools goes on to prove how this plugin and ERS are important. For other features, visit the official website.

Simple Author Box

Necessary Plugins when Launching a Site

Simple Author Box is a useful plugin for your website and blog posts. It creates a simple mobile responsive author box that is easily customizable and adjustable. In addition, it can contain useful information about the author (personal info, contact info, previous posts), making a strong connection between the reader and the author.

In addition, simple Author Box has a feature for assigning guest authors and co-authors. It assigns guest authors without creating accounts for them, and it can assign multiple co-authors to one post.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Necessary Plugins when Launching a Site

Coming soon pages are very useful pages of a website when a website is in the building phase or maintenance mode.

The coming soon page should be created before the first launch. It helps visitors get familiar with the brand/service; images and logo help get attention, and a short description should inform visitors what to expect later.

The page usually has an email form that expands the email list. It is useful when the website is ‘up’ before it is active because you already start with SEO and garner hype. It will help with the ranking when the website is launched.

The maintenance mode page should be applied when the website is going through a makeover or error correction. It is useful to maintain the connection with visitors. It can contain information about the comeback or reason for the downtime, redirect visitors to other useful destinations and give them an option to contact the business over other means (social media, email, etc.).

The Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin can create both types of pages. The plugin offers hundreds of different templates and images that can be customizable. User also can design their page from scratch, making them unique and well suited for their website and brand.

WP Sticky

Necessary Plugins when Launching a Site

WP Sticky is an important plugin for websites these days. This plugin lets you make any element of a website sticky. As its name suggests, a sticky element is an element that maintains its position regardless of scrolling down the page. The users can use WP Sticky for any WordPress site element, but users’ favorites are usually the menu, header, or navigation.

Also, users can have as many sticky elements as they need. The settings of this plugin are very easy and fast to use, with no need for code. It is compatible with different themes, plugins, and even webpage builders. It is responsive and adjustable for any display.

WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects is a necessary plugin for redirections and fixing issues that may occur on your website. This plugin redirects from broken or changed links; it helps the user get to the wanted destination. With this plugin, the 404 page would be easily avoidable.

This plugin works very fast, checking and verifying links and controlling every redirection. With these fast actions, this plugin keeps the website clean and improves the SEO of the website, which guarantees better and faster traffic.

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget
Necessary Plugins when Launching a Site

Google Maps Widget is another plugin that most websites should have. This plugin allows users to add maps anywhere on the site: in posts, pages, as part of menus, or sidebars.

Maps with this plugin can be interactive, customizable, and adjustable to the website’s overall design. Also, users can add as many pins on the map as needed. Furthermore, the Google Maps Widget can display maps in different layers (street view, satellite).


Selecting an appropriate plugin can be tricky. Therefore, this list is carefully made to contain all essential plugins for launching a website and improving its better performance. All in all, these plugins should help you and make everything easier for you.

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