Nokke Elementor WordPress Theme – The Pros and Cons

Nokke Elementor WordPress Theme - The Pros and Cons
Nokke Elementor WordPress Theme – The Pros and Cons

Are you looking for a premium WordPress theme for your business? Or need a theme that sets up your online start instantly! Then, the Nokke Elementor WordPress theme is for you. You can create any website using the Nokke theme; You can customize every page and section of your website with its powerful drag-and-drop feature.

About Nokke Elementor Theme:

Nokke is developed by DeoThemes, a professional team of developers! It allows you to add more advanced features than any other premium theme. It comes in both free and Pro plans. With the pro plan, you have complete control over customization. Its global setting allows you to change the theme design in just a few clicks. 

Nokke Elementor WordPress Theme - The Pros and Cons

Why Nokke WordPress Theme:

The reason why you need a Nokke WordPress theme is that it:

  • Easy to customize.
  • SEO-Friendly.
  • Clean Code.
  • Reasonable price with so many features.
  • Built-In templates.
  • Premium plugins.
  • Extra Elementor Add-ons.
  • And many more…

These are all some basic but most useful features of any WordPress theme that people are looking for. Nokke provides these features. Elementor’s supported drag-and-drop powerful builder makes it a lot easier when it comes to making an attractive website. 

Nokke Theme Setup:

The Nokke theme comes up with free as well as paid plans. You can find the free theme in the WordPress repository. To get the free theme, navigate to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Search ‘Nokke,’ and find the theme there. So, just install and activate it, and you are ready to customize it. 

To use the Pro version of the Nokke theme, you have to purchase it on DeoThemes’s official website. Purchase the theme, and you will get the theme files and License Key. 

You can then import the theme by clicking on the Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Choose File. Install it and then activate the theme. You then see the License key option. Paste your License key there, which you got when purchasing the theme. After successfully activating the premium version, you find a Setup Wizard option. Click on it and follow the instructions.

Nokke theme asks to install the built-in templates or a Demo template. Choose any of them. So, now you are ready to install the required plugin, which enhances the capabilities and functionalities of your website theme. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to install all the plugins one by one. And all you have to do now is click the Install Plugins button. And all plugins are installed at once. The installed plugins are these:


  1. Nokke Core: This is the important theme plugin. It has most of the theme functionality. For example, custom post types, widgets, etc.
  2. Elementor: You know this plugin. It is the world’s most well-known and widely used drag-and-drop page builder out there. It is the backbone of this theme.
  3. WooCommerce: This plugin will help you to make an online store with all the required widgets.
  4. Eversor: This plugin contains extra premium add-ons that will help you make a more attractive and eye-catching website without buying the Elementor Pro version.
  5. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist: It contains all wishlist features. 
  6. Mailchimp for WordPress: This allows you to integrate Mailchimp into your WordPress website.
  7. Contact Form 7: It is a famous contact form plugin with flexible features.
  8. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed: The Nokke theme has a feature of a beautifully-designed Instagram feed. To use that feature, you need this plugin to be installed.

And there you go! Your website is now ready to go live. You don’t need any extra plugins for this theme. The majority of the modern-web functionalities are in this theme. Moreover, you can uninstall any plugins anytime if you don’t need some of the theme features. For example, if you don’t need to add a custom Instagram feed, you can uninstall the Smash Balloon Instagram Feed plugin.


The Nokke WordPress theme has great features to talk about. Like any other premium theme, it has the same types of basic features. But the thing that makes it unique and worth using is because of the few important features. Let’s talk about each of them.

1 – Nokke Built-In Templates:

This theme offers different templates for different businesses. These are fully responsive designs, clean, easy to customize. Like, if you want to create an online store. So, just choose the Online Shop template and build a website in a few seconds. Similarly, you can use an Agency template, Portfolio template, or any other template.

Nokke Elementor WordPress Theme - The Pros and Cons

But what if your website niche is something different. With the powerful premium add-ons and template full customization options, you can create any website. 

2 – Get Premium Plugins Free:

You may find advanced features in paid themes. But if I tell you, you will get 2 Pro plugins free of cost with this theme. Just pay for the theme, and you will get 2 plugins as a bonus that are more expensive than the theme itself.

With the Nokke Elementor WordPress theme, you will get:

  • Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) Pro ($49)
  • Revolution Slider ($85)

Collectively both plugins charge $134/ year, which is far more than the theme per year. However, the templates, features, customization is the same as you buying the plugins separately. So, what are you looking for now? Enjoy premium plugins at no cost.


3 – Nokke Multilingual Supported:

If you are focusing on local customers and want to use the theme in your local language. Then, this theme should be your choice. Whether you are building a WooCommerce website or an Agency website, Nokke provides the best support for multi-languages. You can change the theme into any language you are looking to target.

There are lots of plugins used for changing themes into different languages. So, we found that the WPML plugin has the best features for multiple languages. Nokke WordPress theme is fully compatible with the WPML theme. This way, you can easily change your website language.

4 – Best For WooCommerce:

Looking for an online shop? Nokke WordPress theme offers the best features for an e-commerce website. So, you can get the premium built-in template for an online shop. Just import the template, and the complete website is ready. Customize it quickly and be ready to get sales. 

You can also create a WooCommerce website from scratch. With premium WooCommerce Elementor add-ons, you can create product pages, checkout pages, featured products, etc. Then, just drag-and-drop the add-on like, product title, add-to-cart button, product price, etc. And there you go!


5 – Nokke Dynamic Post Types:

Nokke Elementor theme gives so many options for blog styling. So, you can choose the best suitable post types that perfectly reflect your brand identity. So, the Elementor premium widgets make more functionalities to the post types. And allow you to customize more powerfully. These changes override the global setting. This way, your website SEO remains on top.


Some of the premium themes don’t have the functionality to set website cookies. So, thanks to the Nokke theme, you don’t need to add an extra burden to your website by installing an extra With the Nokke theme, you don’t need to add an extra burden to your website by installing an additional plugin for cookies. The theme GDPR features help you customize the URL link, the message, and the button text. You only need to go to the Appearance -> Customize -> GDPR. And you are good to go!

Nokke Elementor WordPress Theme – The Pros and Cons

7 – Premium Support:

You can find the detailed documentation of the Nokke WordPress theme. It covers all the features and how to use them properly to get a better experience. Not a fan of reading detailed documentation? Don’t worry; Nokke has its alternative. 

DeoThemes’ official YouTube channel offers tutorials on the different features of the Nokke theme. Moreover, if you ever face any problem with the theme, you can contact them directly as well, and their team will contact you soon and guide you about the problem.

8 – Nokke Pricing Plans:

Nokke Elementor WordPress theme has three different pricing plans. For just $49, you can get a year of access to the theme with the Personal Plan. However, you can use the theme with the personal plan only on 1 website.

The Agency Plan charges $99/year for an unlimited WordPress website. And the Lifetime Plan, you will have full access for just $249 for a lifetime. So, you can use the theme with a Lifetime plan for unlimited websites.


The Agency and the Lifetime plan gives a bumper offer to their customer. If you buy any of the plans, you will use the other themes that DeoThemes developed and develop in the future. With all the features, more than 10 themes are yours with the same price.

Nokke Theme Review Conclusion:

No doubt, you can find many premium themes for WordPress. You can choose any theme out there for your business website. But few things which most themes don’t guarantee you. The first and foremost important is your website speed and SEO. Some of the themes give the excess amount of functionalities that increase your WordPress load-time speed and, ultimately, your WordPress SEO effects badly.

So, when selecting a theme for your website, you must exercise extreme caution. Nokke gives basic plus premium themes with the functionality you need to make any website. So, every time you change something, it overrides your global setting, which helps you make WordPress pages clean and SEO-Friendly. You will also get premium themes and add-ons for Elementor. So, a lot of features in a single theme make your purchasing worth using. So, think about your business needs and choose the theme that gives you more benefits.

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