Reasons Why You Will Love Board Games?

Reasons Why You Will Love a Board Games

Guys, the board game is very cool in addition to gameplay, themes, and exciting factors. Read on to find out what I think is more important and meaningful! I have had questions like this in the past few years, In this article, we’ll share reasons why you will love board games as soon as you find yours.

It looks so cool! How was it before? ! Or I don’t know there are so many beautiful games! By friends and family. We find posts of numerous pictures of the games I play on social media as much as possible because I hope that other people enjoy this fascinating and rewarding hobby as I do. Somehow, you ended up here.. so maybe it helps!

The reason I like board games is not just because they are fun. I think they are capable of building authentic relationships and natural communities. Before you understand why I think so, it’s helpful to understand some of the backstories of the game.

Board Games History

As early as 1995, a small game called The Settlers of Catan came out. You see, the competition in Germany is enormous. It is usual for a family to sit around a table and play strategy games. Eventually, these games began to spread to the United States and became more and more popular over time. When Americans started to get in touch with these games, they also made their strategy games similar to European styles.

For the first time, we started to see board games from Europe and the United States. They were both deep, strategic, and fascinating. They had a six-page rule book instead of a 100-page rule book. Before that, “hobby” games were highly complicated and not friendly to ordinary consumers. I wager that most of you should heard of or seen settlers because it has become a cultural phenomenon in the United States. I can even say that the settlers of Catan are the most influential board game in the modern gaming era.

Everyone’s Game

I got it, I know. board games are for kids, right? Board games are just things you play with your family during the holidays to remind you of the good old days, right? Board games are kind of nerdy. Not at all! The settlers paved the way for the influx of modern games that are both fun and not too complicated, and they will only become more popular and common. There are all kinds of modern board games, and everyone has a game they can enjoy. Seriously.

Games are no longer just children’s patents. These are some of my favorites. Maybe you like trains or geography? The ride ticket is a classic. Collect the card deck, place the train on the board and get points for completing the route. Maybe you like mathematics and economics? The grid is your game. Build your power empire when you auction and place generators in a tight economy. Perhaps you liked chess when you were a kid and just wanted a thinker? It sounds like The Jarl. Move your side parts.

Just want to laugh with a group of friends? It sounds like a nickname. Draw a deck of cards and make your team guess them through three rounds of clues, word hints, and guessing games. Maybe you want to play a social reasoning game with all your friends? Resistance exercise is perfect for you.

Board Games Recommendations

Work together to find spies by trying to infer who passed and failed each mission. But be careful, if you are a spy, you must die without being spotted! How do you want to build your big city from scratch? The suburbs are your opponent.

Buy architectural tiles and place them in your evolving city to earn points and build the most popular and valuable cities. Board games are a modern miracle, but they have not yet fully become the focus of attention. As long as we have a historical record, they will always exist and will not disappear anytime soon.

Playing board games to increase brain function

This activity is a good exercise for the brain. Because play stimulates the brain regions responsible for forming complex thinking and memory in children and adults, it helps practice basic cognitive skills such as problem-solving and decision making. Playing board games can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and, for the elderly, help keep the mind sharp. Young people also have many benefits. As we all know, board games are conducive to children’s psychological growth and help make young people more intelligent. 

Brings laughter and reduces stress

Laughter is like a “side effect” of a board game and is integral to creativity and a pleasant learning experience. In addition, laughing and having a good time often help reduce stress, which explains why studies have found that playing board games can reduce stress. So, according to an online survey by RealNetworks, Inc., 55% of people relieve stress.

Board Games reminds people of the feeling of living in the real world

One of the most notable benefits of playing board games is that this traditional game pulls people out of the digital world. The board game activity does not involve staring at a smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. (And we need more now!)

Get Together

But what is the biggest and most important reason you should play a board game? They bring people together. I can’t emphasize enough. Games can be fun and exciting, but people make these experiences lasting and memorable. I kept in touch with my family in other games. We all looked like bubbles pieces at each other, trying to get rid of the loot. I sat down with a stranger and made friends for a long time, and we all exchanged chairs frantically in a stupid game like The Great Dalmuti.

When we barely escaped from the cursed temple, my friends and I screamed and yelled and almost missed the loud gong sound in the last few seconds of the soundtrack of “Escape: The Curse of the Temple.” My roommate and I worked closely together, and when we sent members of the resistance organization to complete their tasks, I was shocked that he had been a lying spy at the end of our resistance game.

The point is that board games build relationships in a way that few other media can do. I met countless strangers through the board game community, and later I became good friends with them. Sitting around a table and playing games is very fun. It brings people together.

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