SaaS Development: 3 Best Practices for 2022

SaaS Development 3 Best Practices for 2022
SaaS Development 3 Best Practices for 2022

SaaS development; Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years, primarily because of its accessibility. People can access their business from wherever they want, and that is the main advantage of SaaS.

The SaaS model itself is evolving along with the growing number of users, as one compliments the other.

The priority of model development is the ease of use. So, in this article, we will not talk about the things that are a must. Here we primarily mean security, platform design, and other technical things.

We have selected three recommendations that every SaaS company should pay attention to.

Let’s take a look at what the trends are for 2022.

Monitoring user behavior

Let’s say you are among the top Atlanta software development companies. You developed a decent platform that can solve some problems that potential users have in their business. Everything was smooth, but a year after the platform’s launch, you realized that the number of users was declining.

The best indicator of the functionality of your SaaS is the number of users. Some problems on the platform must be removed if the number of users is declining or stagnant. So, if you are constantly getting new users on your platform, you are on the right track.

Monitoring user behavior is the basis for the progress and development of any SaaS. For example, by tracking where users click, how long they stay in certain places on the page, better known as hotspots, and so on, you get an insight into what works well on your platform and vice versa.

For example, you want to involve a new button on the right side of your platform, but you have no idea which shape to use. Your designer can’t decide between a circle and a triangle. You can put a circle for the first week and a triangle for the second week. After two weeks, you compare the results for both options, and then it’s easy to decide which one to implement.

With that in mind, the functionality of your platform can evolve. As a result, customer satisfaction rises to a higher level.

Make it integration-ready

It is already well-known that some of the advantages that SaaS offers are accessibility and flexibility. That is one of the reasons why this model has a large number of users.

Many people already use a particular SaaS platform on which they store relevant data or information. This data or information is essential to their business. The ability to integrate this information into your platform opens up new possibilities for both parties.

With the integration itself, you get the opportunity to access even more new users for whom your platform may not be primary. Still, it can certainly be significant if SaaS can be combined with some other platforms.

Mobile Responsiveness

While there is a common belief that many software businesses run through desktops, one should pay attention to mobile responsiveness.

So, the rationale for this is as follows: the number of mobile users has increased by 10% during the last year.

Allowing users to spend time on the platform via mobile phone without significant problems is as important as having a well-developed desktop platform.

One could access your platform primarily by desktop, but there will be an unexpected situation where he doesn’t have his PC or laptop nearby.

Imagine a data analyst traveling from work and suddenly remembering that he missed entering certain data into a file. If your platform is mobile-friendly, he will surely be grateful and loyal for years that come.

So, on the other hand, it is necessary to keep in mind the younger generation. They perceive the mobile device as an extension of their hand. However, the fact is that they write, read and manage on the phone much faster than millennials do. Therefore, if you want the best for your business, rely on an integral part of the future.

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