10 Techniques on How to Get Clients on Instagram

Techniques on how to get clients on Instagram
Techniques on how to get clients on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media, always introducing valuable new features. Then, you can create an excellent strategy to engage, delight, and gain more customers. See how are the tips we present below and how to get clients through Instagram Business.

1 – Define your business persona

So You need to know that Instagram is a social network with a predominance of young users. The channel’s active user base is mainly made up of people aged between 18 and 29 years.

Before taking any action, you need to define your business persona, a fictitious or semi-fictitious representation of your ideal customer; and make sure it’s active on Instagram.

2 – Set up a business profile to get clients on Instagram

Instagram helps you connect with your audience, either through direct or indirect interaction in comments and likes.

In addition, you can also use the @ sign to tag a user and get the social proof you need to influence other people’s consumption decisions, get quick and personalized feedback, or promote your products or services.

Another way to increase your channel’s reach is to connect it to Facebook. Thus, all actions will be integrated on both platforms.

3 – Have a Digital Marketing Strategy for Instagram

A robust strategy for getting clients on Instagram is directly related to how your Digital Marketing was structured. Hashtags, for example, are popular among many social media users. But surprisingly, some companies misuse this feature.

That’s because before choosing the best hashtag for your post; you need to structure your business model and understand what your audience demands. Without well-defined Digital Marketing actions, it is impossible to guarantee the proper use of all the tool’s resources.

4 – Create an editorial calendar with relevant posts to sell on Instagram

You also need to define the format and themes of the content that will be disseminated on this channel as they have the power to arouse the public’s interest in your brand with Content Marketing. You can demonstrate authority and increase the perception of value that your company offers to your audience.

You’ll still need to maintain audience engagement: Answer questions, thank comments, answer objections, like pages and content of companies; whose products or services can complement their performance in the market, and even actively communicate with users through direct or Instagram stories.

5 – Bet on polls about what content and products customers like

With this feature available to Instagram users, it is possible to better scale your strategy, both about the content that most attracts and delights users and about the products and services they most like or would like your company to make available.

In this way, you can define the minimum and maximum budget for each sector: marketing, research and development of new products, and even promotions or loyalty actions that further guarantee the public’s satisfaction with your brand.

6 – Create sponsored ads to get clients on Instagram

Combining an organic Content Marketing strategy with a paid campaign through Instagram Ads is a way to guarantee results both in the short and long term.

That’s because sponsored links and ads generate immediate visibility. Still, the numbers drop again as soon as the campaign ends, which can be frustrating for those who invested, hoping for a continuous return.

7 – Partner with influencers to get clients on Instagram

Influence marketing is very effective, and Instagram is the leader in conversions based on referrals made by digital influencers.

In addition to many followers on social media, these users can impact shoppers’ decisions about the products and services consumed daily by digital channels.

8 – Demonstrate products, services, or processes

Through Instagram, it is possible to present various aspects of your business to the public. Instagram is a great way to show what’s going on behind the scenes at the company. From manufacturing, sales, and distribution to who your employees and customers are.

Therefore, highlight the people who are part of each step or process and demonstrate your products or services to your clients.

9 – Widely use the features offered by Instagram

A video, for example, can convert followers who hardly stop to read written publications, while stories allow them to share temporary information but with the great potential for conversions.

Stories also allow your brand to remain at the top of the user’s feed for longer. Another exciting feature, IGTV, will enable you to post longer videos. The social network provides to elevate your Digital Marketing strategy.

10 – Reward your followers to get clients on Instagram

A loyalty or rewards program, with the distribution of prizes, broadcasting personalized content, granting exclusive discounts, or sharing privileged information, for example, is a way to keep the entire audience conquered with your Digital Marketing efforts in contact with your brand.

This frequent contact increases the chances of loyalty and, mainly, satisfaction with the experience provided by your brand.

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