The Latest Smart Devices Compatible with Voice Assistants

The Latest Smart Devices Compatible with Voice Assistants
The Latest Smart Devices Compatible with Voice Assistants

The latest smart devices compatible with voice assistants

Smart devices have changed a lot of things in the way we carry out our daily routines. They allow us to have remote access to the devices that are otherwise in our homes around the clock. All they need is stable Wi-Fi network connectivity.

How have smart devices changed things anyway? Well, for starters, you can access your devices while you’re at work, whether you’re in bed or even if you’re across the country on vacation. That’s what it means to have remote access. So if you need to play it like someone’s home while you’re relaxing away in some resort in Mexico, you can use your smartphone; and switch your smart lights back home on or off as you wish.

Other than that, smart devices are great for energy efficiency purposes. It comes with the bonus of seeing a reduction in your utility bills over time too, isn’t that great? So whether the smart thermostat you just got cost you a bit much; the device essentially pays for itself within months when you see a decline in your heating and cooling bills.

In addition to being accessible through mobile applications that can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets, and laptops, some smart devices are voice compatible. So if you’re not sure what this means, you can control your device with voice commands, provided you have a smart speaker with Alexa or Google Assistant or even a built-in voice assistant in your smartphone.

Smart Devices Compatible with Voice Assistants

Here are 4 smart devices that are somewhat new to the smart product market and compatible with voice assistants. But, first, take a look at what they entail.

Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock

A keyless and tamperproof way of locking and unlocking your home. The Nest x Yale is a smart lock that you will be grateful to install in your home – for its convenience and for serving as a great security measure.

The lock can be accessed through the Nest app that is downloadable onto your smartphones and tablets. So, lock and unlock your door via the app; and get alerts whenever the door has been accessed, whether you’re within the premises or away from home. You can also use Google Assistant voice control to lock and unlock your door from within the household.

The Nest x Yale lock features location tracking so it knows when you’re away using the Nest app and can automatically lock your locked door if there is inactivity for a while or if it notices you’re away. It can also follow schedules that you can set up through the app; and generate temporary passcodes for you to let friends and family in while you can’t get to the door yourself.

Philips Hue Smart Bulb

Philips Hue smart bulbs are compatible with voice assistants, so you can say, ‘Hey Alexa, dim the living room lights’; and there you go! These bulbs are available in a white variant that illuminates the room in a soft white light that comes with a dimmer option to adjust the brightness according to your preferences; and in a mixed variant that can change the colors of the light.

If you connect the bulbs to the Hue Bridge; then the list of features that you can enjoy is endless scheduled timings, auto-sensors, and all that.

Google Nest Doorbell

Did you ever think you could remotely answer your doorbell? You can now and have your virtual assistant (courtesy of Smart Speakers and voice assistants) let you speak to whoever is at the door. It’s like hands-free help, but with your doorbell.

The Nest Doorbell is available in battery-powered and wired versions but has the same functions. They include a wide-angle camera covering the person standing in the doorway from head to toe; and providing clear HD quality video-equally outstanding and clear at night.

Therefore, with the help of two-way audio, no matter where you are, you can talk to anyone at the door directly on the phone; or let your voice assistant draw your attention to anyone at the door.

Leave pre-recorded messages to be played while you’re away; and get alerts whenever someone steps within the Activity Zone you have set up ; so you can see what’s going on even if someone hasn’t rung the bell.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart thermostats are what you should be swapping out your ordinary thermostat with. Especially now when energy preservation is of the highest priority. The Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adjusts temperatures because, as the name suggests, it quite literally learns your temperature preferences.

Other than that, you can access your thermostat and its settings via the Google Home app. set auto-schedules for the device to follow or even switch the device on; or off while you’re away from home. So coming back to a warm house on a cold winter night is now very much possible without the need to leave the heating system on from the moment you leave.

The Nest Learning thermostat is also compatible with voice assistants, so while you’re cozied up on the couch watching your TV show; you can call out Google to turn down the thermostat.

Remote control access was the biggest thing when such technology came out into the market. Smart devices also adapted to that remote and wireless technology, but further advanced it to include Voice control too. So, Did you ever think that you would be able to control the appliances around your home with your voice? It is possible now!

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