Tips on How to Create an Email Marketing List

How to Create an Email Marketing List
How to Create an Email Marketing List

How to create an email marketing list; The first step in creating a successful email marketing campaign is to build an email list. Without it, you will have no one to send emails to. Therefore, in this article, we will create an email list. So, get ready, let’s take it to step by step!

How to create an email marketing list

1 – Find out what your target audience is most looking for on Google

Several digital marketing tools can help you find out which keywords are most used by your target audience in internet searches. There is a free Google Analytics option and paid tools like Semrush and Moz.

2 – Create a blog with relevant content based on themes

Email marketing list

Now that you know people with the profile of customers looking for ideas for your business on the internet, you need to find articles, among these keywords, that relate to your company and the solutions you offer.

But pay close attention: do not advertise your products or services!

These blog posts should clarify your customers’ doubts and needs. They are informative articles and of interest to them. The content must be relevant to inform them and help them with problems.

That way, when they come to your blog, these leads will be interested in the topic and read the content. Your company becomes known to them. And, thus, it opens the door to the beginning of a relationship with these customers.

3 – Develop rich materials, deepening these issues

But it’s not enough to get leads to read your blog content. The goal is to create an email marketing list. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage these users to leave their contact information, such as name and email.

In this sense, you must create so-called rich materials. They are even deeper content on the topics of interest to your target audience.

As we said, it can be an e-book, a spreadsheet, an infographic, etc.

The important thing is that it is relevant enough for your blog visitor to leave your contact information in exchange for this material.

4 – Create a CTA (Call to Action) for people to download these materials

Email marketing list

To make it very clear and visible to the reader of your blog that there is material available for them to download, so-called CTAs are created. Call to Action, which means “call to action.”

These small banners on your blog should be eye-catching, but not overly so, and make it clear what benefits a person will get from clicking on it to access rich material.

5 – Build a landing page with a form to capture lead data

Your blog visitor is directed to a landing page by clicking on the CTA. This lead capture page has a few more phrases to entice the future lead to download the content and a form with some fields to fill out.

A form with fewer fields, such as email and name, has more opportunities to be completed. However, a form with more questions can help qualify the lead to know if it matters to your business.

So, Required in your strategy for each rich material created, you should use different forms.

6 – Send a thank you email

If you send him a thank-you email as soon as the lead fills out the form, you strengthen his relationship. Also, he will hardly open this email as he has just downloaded the material.

In addition to the thanks, include a link to download the material as often as you like.

7 – Qualify leads before creating an email marketing list

Don’t collect all these leads and automatically email them. Before that, you don’t have the potential to be a customer.

A complete form can aid suitable lead qualification.

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