Top 10 Exercises that Will Help Strengthen Your Thighs

Top 10 exercises that will help strengthen your thighs
Top 10 exercises that will help strengthen your thighs

The great benefit of exercises that promise to strengthen the thighs is that they also work in the gluteal region and often the hips, helping not only the thighs but thus promoting the definition of other muscles in these regions.

The legs and thighs, and glutes are also areas of the body that demand a lot of effort and exercises that use loads to be carried out to achieve definition.

There is no need to carry weight, just a little help for these exercises to be performed more intensely, and the result will appear faster and be much more apparent.

10 exercises that will help strengthen your thighs:

1 – Free Squat

It’s the most classic. The free squat can do it with the free bar for greater activation of the trunk stabilizers. You stand under the bar, lift it with your knee extended, and step back.

When you’re in line, with your spine straight, first bend your hips back, then your knee, and go down to 90 degrees. After that, it is simple to return to the starting position and lock the bar in the support.

2 – Sink with Dumbbells

Of all the exercises, this is the one that gives the most activation in the lower limbs and glutes. First, position yourself between two dumbbells, squat down and pick them up and lift them from the side of your body. Next, swing your right leg forward and squat with a straight spine. Do this a few times, and then repeat the movement with your left leg on.

3 – Stiff with Bar

Another classic move. The bar will be on the floor with the load chosen by the teacher. You will position yourself in front of it with your knee half bent.

Do a hip flexion, throw your torso forward and grab the bar (always look straight ahead). Then, without bending your spine, lift the bar off the floor and lower it several times, making only the movement with your hips.

4 – Leg Press 45

Exercises that will help strengthen your thighs. Express is simple. Seated on the machine, extend your knee forward to lift your chosen weight.

Points that need to be remembered:

  1. Never fully extend the knee in the movement. You could fracture it
  2. The feet must be the same width as your hips
  3. If you leave your foot higher on the platform, there is a tendency to have greater gluteus activation, but you lose range of motion and generate more significant overload on your knee
  4. Ideally, your foot is about 5 cm above the center of the platform

5 – Land survey

This is another excellent exercise for strengthening the knee and the rest of the body. With a barbell on the ground, you will have your knees and torso bent and almost sitting next to the bar at the beginning of the movement.

The goal is to fully extend your body (knee extended, hips in line, spine erect) and keep your arms straight with the barbell aligned close to hip level.

6 – Pistol

The famous CrossFit exercises consist of a one-legged free squat. So, extend your leg forward, throw your butt back, your body forward, and squat down.

7 – Squat with Jump

A calisthenics exercise. Without any weight, you will do a deep squat past 90 of the knee and will rise very quickly in such a way that it takes both feet off the ground with full knee extension, dropping by squatting and jumping over and over again.

10 – Alternating Dip with Jump

Begin the exercises while standing: throw your right foot forward, bending your back knee until it touches or comes close to the floor. So, return to the starting position and reverse the movement.

You can hold a kettlebell at chest height with the two more on the handle to increase the load if you like.

9 – Isoton Squat

Exercises developed by a Russian and a Curitiba require working on the tensest portion of the muscle fiber. This happens when you work with your knee in a 90-degree bend, down to about 8 inches (8 inches) down.

Never do full extension during this exercise. Instead, stay in the short squat until the end of the exercise.

10 – Isometric Squat

It is very effective and one of the most used to strengthen the thighs. It can be with just the body’s weight or with some accessory, like a sandbag in the back or a kettlebell in front of the pectoral.

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