Top 7 Best Tools to Download Instagram Photos

Top 7 Best Tools to Download Instagram Photos
Top 7 Best Tools to Download Instagram Photos

What are the best tools that can help you and your team when it comes to downloading Instagram photos? Top seven of the most straightforward and practical ways to optimize your working time and ensure your team focuses on more strategic activities.

Whether to make a mass with references or to put together a presentation, downloading high-quality photos directly from the platform can be a facilitator in the running routine; Check out!

Tools to Download Instagram Photos:


DownloadGram is an online tool; everything is done in a web browser with just one click and using smartphones (either iOS or Android), tablets, or computers. In addition to photos and videos, you and your team can even access IGTV content, for example, increasing your range of options.

The only caveat when using DownloadGram is that photos and videos can only be downloaded from a public account. Any private fund does not give access to download. Although not ideal, it shows how the platform is not doing anything illegal, protecting information and respecting the privacy of those who want to keep it that way.

The step-by-step instructions for using DownloadGram are straightforward:

  • Save the URL of the photos or videos you want to download from Instagram;
  • Paste the link into the DownloadGram field;
  • Click ‘Download’;

Please wait a few seconds, and you’re ready: download it in MP4 or JPG.

InstaSave to download instagram photos

InstaSave works very similarly to the previous one. Also, with an online version and easy to be accessed by different devices, it is a handy option because it is simple and allows the download of varying content formats within Instagram.

In addition to photos and videos, content saved in IGTV, albums, or even Reels can be downloaded for free. The platform also stands out for not requiring login or registration, making everything simple and practical. Moreover, the contents are all easy to download, with just three steps:

  • Open Instagram in your browser;
  • Choose the photo you want to download from Instagram;
  • Copy the URL from the address bar and play in InstaSave;
  • Click ‘Download’ and save the image on your device.

Save Urges

Want even more functionality to download Instagram photos and all other types of content from the platform?

Then it would help if you got to know Save Insta, another free online tool for downloading pictures, videos, Stories, Highlights, profile photos, and even Reels. A differential of this platform to others is that even private accounts can have their contents accessed.

Step by step is very similar to those presented above, with the difference that you can directly choose which format you want to download.

When searching for a user’s Stories download, for example, just put that user’s name on Instagram. The tool automatically identifies all content published in that format in the last 24 hours. to download instagram photos is one of the most popular tools to download Instagram photos precisely because of its convenience. In addition, it offers agility so that your team doesn’t need to waste a lot of time to have high-quality images in hand.

The feature is also free; access the site to have all the photos you need for your projects. To use the tool, the step-by-step is very simple and can be used either by smartphone or by computer:

  • Open the Instagram app (or website) and log in;
  • Go to the profile with the photo you want to download;
  • Choose the photo from the home feed, right-click and select ‘Copy Link’ to save the photo’s URL;
  • On your smartphone, open the photo, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and select ‘Copy share URL’;
  • Open the website on your smartphone or computer;
  • Paste the saved URL in the space provided (‘Enter Instagram URL’);
  • Select ‘Go,’ then click ‘Download’ and just keep the image with the right button;

On the smartphone, hold your finger on the image that appeared after ‘Go’ and ‘Download,’ and select ‘Save Image.

There, the photo is ready on your device!

It is an assistant very similar to the others presented. But it can make the task of saving content from the social network much simpler and more practical.

Now, all your planning on social networks becomes more efficient; since using the tool, you can still choose the best format to download. This can often mean significant time savings, especially when it comes to more extended work.

ForHub to download instagram photos

Another option to download Instagram photos is ForHub, which uses the same layout and working model as the other options presented.

It is ideal for teams that do not command the foreign language and want to have a more straightforward job for free.

Step by step is the same: copy the publication’s URL, paste it into the tool and download it.


Weynstag can also be used to download Instagram photos. The solution can streamline your advertising action planning. To download the contents, it’s straightforward:

  • Copy the URL of the photo, video, or other content you want to download;
  • Paste the URL into the tool and select ‘Download’;

In a few seconds, the content will be ready to download in MP4.

In addition to knowing how to download photos on Instagram, it’s essential to do the same with other content formats on the social network, such as videos. Thus, all your strategic planning becomes even more complete and efficient.

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