Top Tips on How to Pack Efficiently?

Top Tips on How to Pack Efficiently
Top Tips on How to Pack Efficiently

So, you are looking for a guide on packing your suitcase in the best possible way? This may appear impossible, but following our advice will prove to be much easier than you think. And yes, pack your suitcase for the trip, whatever period it is, it’s easy, and you won’t leave anything behind.

We’ve prepared several valuable tips for this. That way, you can become an expert in the organization and save time and effort before and after boarding.

Well then, see for yourself and make a note of what you find most interesting. We’ve put together a series of straightforward tips, which we often leave out when organizing the suitcase.

Grab the pad to write down everything and make your suitcase more complete without exceeding the luggage limits!

How to pack your suitcase: organization, planning, and checklist

It’s easy to get lost in the charms and dreams we can have about our destination and all the things we can do there. So, to the point of forgetting that there is something essential that comes before boarding: packing.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to carry an entire closet on the plane or even in the car. So we need to be smart when choosing what to go and what to stay.

To be sure, do some solid planning ahead of time and write down your to-do list on a travel checklist!

Packing your bags is not difficult and, contrary to what many people think, it is not the worst time to organize your trip.

But becoming an expert in packing a bag is not something that happens overnight either!

Everything is a matter of practice. Over time, you will learn about the best clothing for each trip and even the best material for the suitcase, which also influences the organization.

What is prohibited and allowed to take in the luggage?

For security reasons, airports and airlines have strict restrictions on what you can take on the flight – particularly about carry-on luggage, which can travel with you to the plane’s cabin.

So write down what can and cannot be carried in each suitcase to avoid problems right before boarding. After all, you don’t want to be stopped at check-in and have to throw something away before you travel, do you?

Put everything in the right luggage. And know what to leave at home!

Hand baggage

Pay close attention, as hand luggage is where you have the strictest rules about what can and cannot be taken, especially for your safety and other passengers on the flight.

In addition to being very inconvenient, especially for longer trips, you may have to pay the extra shipping costs. Most sharp metal objects are prohibited, even some seemingly harmless ones like nail clippers.

Food is usually accepted as long as it is sealed, but be careful with containers with drinks. If they are open, you should discard them. Sports or camping equipment is also normally barred.

Checked baggage

Most items barred in carry-on luggage can be taken if checked. But some will be banned in one way or another!

This includes the vast majority of explosive materials or materials used to start fires. Flammable products, as well as acids and toxins, usually do not pass.

And equipment that exceeds the maximum size allowed for regular baggage can be checked in as special baggage, such as surfboards or snowboards.

How to pack: 12 tips and tricks

Well then, it’s time to travel, the rush to finish your preparations increases.

Don’t despair; follow this list to ensure you have a great experience on your next trip. This one and the others to come! With each trip, the process gets easier.

1 – List: the mark of a well-crafted suitcase

Planning a trip always generates a lot of expectations. And for everything to go as desired, making the classic checklist is essential.

Especially if you’re a bit lost on how to pack! Everyone can have their preferred way of doing this.

Saving the list of the last trip can make it easier for the next ones. It saves a lot of effort, and you can make the necessary adjustments.

And if you haven’t already, you can use the items below to create your list!

2 – What is the best way to pack your suitcase?

It is always important to consider the details of the destination to know how to pack your bag. Weather, types of tours, the rhythm of day and night, style of travel, how many days you will be staying.

Anyway, comfort should be paramount when choosing the clothes and shoes that you will take.

If your destination is Europe, we recommend that you search for tours if museums and attractions are open, and the weather when you go.

After all, the temperature in other countries is different, and you must consider this. You will find options recommended by tourists from all over the world, for all tastes!

3 – Basic parts always

If you don’t want to make mistakes, fearlessly opt for essential parts. In addition to making combinations easier, they can help you reduce the volume of the bag. After all, you can wear basic clothes more than once while traveling.

But when we say basic clothes, we don’t just mean tank tops and jeans, but clothes that you can use with many other pieces. Of course, the idea is to wear a bottom with at least 4 tops, so you have 4 different looks.

If you don’t have this skill, some professionals do the work of organizing your bags and helping you choose clothes for the trip and thus find the best items for your trip in your wardrobe.

4 – Choose pieces that match each other.

As we said above, the good thing is to think about simplicity and practicality. But without leaving the repetitive look!

Select pieces that you can alternate between assembling different combinations and styles to suit all kinds of situations.

This is true for anyone who will spend more than two weeks with the same shipment. So, even if you repeat the individual pieces, the result will be different!

5 – Hand luggage can help you.

Ideal for carry-on luggage is a change of clothes, three pieces of underwear, a coat, hygiene kit with deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, cell phone, and computer chargers (if necessary during the trip).

Also, in the event of an eventual loss, insurance can become your best friend. There are plans according to your needs, saving you, for example, from the inconvenience that a lost suitcase can cause.

And you must identify both hand luggage and checked bags always!

Carefully filling in the luggage identification tag is very helpful if the airline loses your luggage.

Until you forget about your hand luggage at the airport, an ID can help you even if you find another suitcase identical to yours!

6 – How to organize clothes in the suitcase?

Tips on how to pack efficiently

Make it a rule that the most you should take on a trip are enough for 15 days, even if you stay longer than that.

This is a good tip; it’s allied to the one before the basics; after all, it’s okay to wash and repeat clothes.

So, organize parts by day, day 1, day 2, day 3, inside the suitcase, then repeat the clothes and combinations. That way, the briefcase is more organized, and you can carry everything you need without excesses.

If you have laundry at your destination, you can halve the number of looks, and your suitcase will be even lighter.

7 – Keeping an eye on baggage restrictions

Both domestic and international flights have a baggage weight limit. In nationals, they cannot exceed 23 kg. In the international ones, they are 32 kg each.

If one is less than 32 kg and the second is slightly over the limit, you must redistribute baggage items before checking in to avoid overpaying.

That’s why it’s essential to weigh your bags before arriving at the airport. In addition, whoever has a baby can take a stroller or a comfort baby and a car seat.

On some international flights, you can take a 10 kg baby bag!

8 – How to pack your suitcase to take up less space?

There are several ways to optimize the space in your suitcase, and you can take advantage of them all. For this, it is easy to find travel hygiene kits on the market.

Everything comes in miniature: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and reusable packaging for shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

Using small bags to organize the suitcase is also excellent: in addition to keeping everything in order, you gain more space.

Then there are vacuum bags, which significantly reduce the volume of the heaviest items in your luggage.

As for the order to pack the items in the suitcase, it is better to put shoes (socks can go inside them) and pants, which are heavier, in the bottom of the bag, and lighter clothes on top.

Always put the pieces that crumble easily last to preserve them better.

9 – Solutions for not wrinkling clothes

Pack at least two hangers in your suitcase to hang out clothes that wrinkle easily — laying them out in the bathroom to catch steam from hot baths is an option for unwrinkling.

Another interesting secret is to put belts rolled up inside the collars of dress shirts, so they don’t make love in the suitcase.

And another tip that works very well for women is to take dresses made of light fabrics wrapped in tissue paper.

The secret here is to arrange them so that the fabric only makes contact with the paper, at each fold, so as not to wrinkle.

10 – Liquid care

It’s nerve-racking to get to the trip you’ve planned so much, open your suitcase and find everything dirty from having spilled a cream, or shampoo, for example.

So, be on the safe side: when you’re packing your suitcase, open the packaging of the products, seal them each with film or plastic, and cover them again.

11 – First aid kit

Remember, first aid while traveling is for emergencies only! But it is essential to have them on hand to avoid problems.

Mainly for those who use prescription drugs or already have a history of recurrent illness, such as travel sickness or respiratory problems.

In hand luggage, the weight limit per container is 100 ml. I prefer to store everything in transparent packaging! Check if your destination has any specific restrictions.

12 – Leave space for shopping

Finally, you’d think you’d bring back memories, wouldn’t you say? This is just another reason not to exaggerate when packing luggage: luggage always gets more extensive.

So don’t forget to leave a space for shopping before you pack your bag to the board!

If it is not possible to leave a space in the bag on the way out, we recommend that you only take one checked bag, and if you have the right to two, leave the other one to bring back.

That way, you’ll have an entire suitcase to bring along with travel extras. If it’s an international trip, even the folder is cheaper to buy on the trip.

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