What Technological Enhancements Have Discord Bots Gone Through?

What Technological Enhancements Have Discord Bots Gone Through
What Technological Enhancements Have Discord Bots Gone Through

A Discord Bot is a chatbot made to work with the Discord messaging service. A discord bot can be used for moderation, customizing your server, and sharing and creating memes and Youtube videos.

Several frameworks (and libraries) exist around building bots using different programming languages such as Node.js or Lua. There are also many web-based UI for managing multiple bots on one account.

Discord Bots can be built in a variety of languages and with a variety of tools, but there seems to be some common historical and current trends:


Java-based bots like Dyno Bot used this language before the bot’s shutdown/development hiatus. Java is still useful for bots that require automatic memory management. Most bots use NodeJS, though, which typically runs on JavaScript (instead of Java); hence, I didn’t include this in my list of “current developer tools” below.


 It is currently the most popular language for Discord bots, as it integrates easily with the Discord.js library and allows for a wide range of functionality. In addition, NodeJS also runs on JavaScript, making it a popular choice for developers.


It can build popular bots like BetterDiscord and DiscordDJ before development moves to NodeJS. It is still can be use for some bots, but its popularity has waned in recent years. PHP code is typically execute on the server-side, though you can use it client-side too.


Python is another popular option for bot developers as you can commonly use Python to create Discord bots. It also comes pre-installed with macOS and many Linux distributions, making it a good choice for people already familiar with either of those Unix systems or who want to use one of them in the future (because their favorite bot only operates on Windows).


This language is used by the popular discord bot, “Tatsumaki.” Tatsumaki is a C++ based bot that uses the Qt framework and the Boost library.

Other Languages – you can use various languages to develop Discord bots. Still, they have not seen as widespread use as the ones listed above. Some notable examples include Ruby, Lua, and Go.

Developer Tools 

In addition to the programming language itself, various developer tools can create Discord bots. The most popular is the NodeJS REPL (read-eval-print loop), which allows developers to test code snippets and see the results in real-time. Other popular options include Visual Studio Code and Atom.

Overall, there are a variety of languages and tools that you can use to develop Discord bots. Choosing one suitable for your skillset and the functionality you want your bot to have is crucial. Happy coding!

Discord Bots have been growing in popularity since they were released as an unofficial feature in 2015 by Discord developers. Unfortunately, there was no framework or library available that would allow fast and sturdy development of bots that run on NodeJS, but now we have many options.

The Discord team has released an official Discord.js SDK, a powerful JavaScript library for interacting with the Discord API.

Bots can now do more than ever before! You can use them to create custom commands, fetch information from other servers or websites, play music and videos; and so much more. With the release of the Discord.js SDK, it’s easier than ever for developers to start building bots for Discord. Many tutorials and guides are available online to help you start making . So what are you waiting for? Start making your Discord Bot today!

Official SDK

Since the release of their official SDK, discord bots have gone through many development and enhancements. As mentioned before, discord bots can do more than ever before, including fetching information from other servers or websites, playing music and videos, and moderating.

Discord has also created a few official bots that you can use on your server. These bots include Discord Dungeons, Twitch, and Mee6. Discord Dungeons is a bot that lets you play an RPG with your friends on Discord, and twitch is a bot that allows you to view live streaming videos of your favorite gamers on Discord. Lastly, Mee6 is a bot that helps keep your server clean and moderated by automatically banning users who violate the rules set by you.

Overall, discord bots have come a long way since they were first released in 2017. Although they are now more powerful and versatile than ever before, developers who want to create their bots have many options.

Discord bots

A few things can be improve when it comes to Discord bots. One of the main things you can improve is bots’ overall quality and usefulness. This you can do by ensuring that bots are well-made and functional and have various features that users will find helpful.

Additionally, you can also improve the way bots are use within Discord communities. You can do this by ensuring that bots are appropriately utilize and creating guidelines for bot usage. Doing these things can make a better experience for both users and developers alike regarding Discord bots.

When it comes to making sure your robot is well-made, there are a few things to consider. Moreover, one of the most crucial aspects is ensuring that the robot functions appropriately and does not crash. You can do this by thoroughly testing new features before implementing them into production code.

No errors

Developers also need to ensure that there are no errors within the code itself (for example, if a command says to get “frog” but you accidentally wrote “dog,” then this will cause an error). Another thing to ensure is maximizing performance; you can do this by using proper coding conventions (such as indentation and spacing), using efficient algorithms (for instance, loops like “for” vs. recursion), and utilizing caching for frequently-used information.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that Discord bots are properly utilize. This means that developers need to be aware of the capabilities of bots and what they can do for a community. Additionally, communities should have guidelines for bot usage in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This includes specifying what types of bots are allowed; what commands they can run, and how you should use them. We can create a more organized and functional Discord bot landscape.

In conclusion, you can do a few things to improve Discord bots. This includes making sure that bots are well-made and functional and ensuring that they have a variety of features that users will find helpful. 

Additionally, you can also improve the way bots can be use within Discord communities. you can do this by ensuring that bots are appropriately utilized and creating guidelines for bot usage. Doing these things can create a better experience for both users and developers alike when it comes to Discord bots.

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