Why Responsive Web Design is Essential for Your Online Store

Why Responsive Web Design is Essential for Your Online Store
Why Responsive Web Design is Essential for Your Online Store

Why responsive web design Is essential for your online store; When we browse the internet and find what we want, we are one click away from getting it on our doorstep. Because of this convenience, online stores are becoming the first place to go when it comes to shopping.

So, to provide your customers with the best experience each time they shop on your online store, you must design a responsive website. Simply put, you must adapt your website to a wide range of screens.

Responsive web design is essential for your online store, and here are three reasons why:

Three reasons why responsive web design is essential for your online store

  1. It reduces your website’s loading time
  2. It improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by improving user experience
  3. And it increases sales

First, let’s get into a more detailed explanation.

1 – Responsive web design reduces your website’s loading time

In the world of online shopping, every second counts. It is estimated that more than 50% of people who browse the internet will give up on the website; if it takes more than three seconds to load.

This is something your business can’t afford, and that is why it is crucial to utilize any resources you can to reduce the loading time to the minimum. A responsive website is one of those resources.

A responsive website will load faster due to the HTTP request reduction, servers response time minimization, fewer plugins needed, and the optimization of visual elements.

Reducing load time is a factor in SEO positioning, but other factors can help you with SEO when creating responsive web design.

2 – Responsive web design improves SEO by improving user experience

If your website design is not responsive and creates frustration for your users, Google will notice that your SEO position will drop significantly.

Positive reviews, amount of traffic, and, indirectly, social sharing are factors in SEO positioning. However, all these factors depend solely on user experience.

You must always have the users on your mind when creating a website for your online store. Envision the path your users must undergo when shopping in your online store; remove any obstacles that they might have.

Positive reviews come from satisfied users, who further share their experience on social media platforms, thus generating more traffic to your website, ranking you higher in SEO.

Hiring a local digital agency can help you understand your local users’ path on your online store. Some cutting-edge design and professional guidance will help you ensure the satisfaction of each user. For instance, if your company is located somewhere in Florida, look for a Florida web design agency to partner with and gain that extra edge over your direct competition.

As we can see, it all starts from user experience; and this is why you need to make that experience the best it can be

We now know that more than 50% of all internet usage is done via mobile devices. This is why you must make your website design enjoyable for every user. It shouldn’t matter if they use mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet; your website must be consistent in providing a quality experience.

If your mobile users have to zoom, shrink or side scroll on your mobile website. You can’t expect any positive reviews or sharing of your content.

Responsive design is a solution to this problem as it should make the user experience the same regardless of the device used.

Positive user experience and SEO positioning help you reach your online store’s ultimate goal – increasing your sales.

3 – Responsive web design increases sales

When it comes to increasing sales, there should be no missed opportunities. Every user counts as a potential customer; you don’t want to limit your choices on desktop or laptop users only.

Let’s look at some numbers because numbers don’t lie:

According to studies, users form their first impression of your website in 50 milliseconds and decide whether to stay on it. So if they open your webpage on their mobile devices, and it is not scaled properly; so, you’ll lose them in the blink of an eye.

Responsive web design makes sure that your users stay on your page in that crucial first moment of interaction, thus creating a greater chance for conversion and ultimately increasing your sales.

57% of internet users state that they wouldn’t refer a business with a poorly designed mobile website to anyone. This large percentage means a lot less organically generated traffic on your website. You want that 57% on your side, and that is why a responsive web design is essential for your business and sales increase.

Studies also show that 85% of adult internet users think that the mobile version of the website should be on par with, if not better than, the desktop version.

Creating a responsive web design complies with the users’ needs. This leads to your ultimate goal of increasing sales faster.


A responsive web design will help scale your business and make your online store a success. In addition, it will increase your website’s visibility by improving SEO, user experience and gaining more social shares.

With the constant rise of mobile device usage, a responsive web design helps you adjust to the trends. This will help you to up your game and stay competitive in a very crowded market of online stores, and increase your sales along the way.

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