Why TikTok Is So Popular and Relevant?

Why TikTok Is So Popular

TikTok is an example of the world’s biggest social media platform, and its user base is still growing. Here is why so many personalities are still loving TikTok and why they won’t stop using it anytime soon. So, here in this publication, we’ll see why TikTok is so popular and what makes this social network relevant.

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TikTok produces higher than 1 billion current users worldwide, and this number continues to grow. If you are not in the loop now, this usage may seem shocking. But there are immeasurable causes why so many youngsters still love the app. In early 2020, we notice that TikTok has so many loyal users. However, given its rapid and continuous growth. So, we want to explore which behaviors of the app cause users to spend hours or even days scrolling through TikTok feeds.

The biggest reason so many teenagers and people of all ages are still in love with TikTok is the app’s content discovery feed. In addition, known as the “For You” page or FYP. This page serves as the main timeline of the application and is how people find new content.

TikTok runs a unique algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, to fill FYP with the best content to show to specific users. To determine your interests, the app carefully tracks which types of videos you primarily interact with.

For example, if you like, comment on, or share clips centered on the outdoors. You will see more videos about the outdoors in your provisions. The algorithm further builds connections on several videos that the same user interacts with.

Unlike other social networks that primarily build connections between people who know each other in real life. TikTok focuses on optimizing what you see. This is similar to Amazon’s “Buy Together” section, which creates recommendations based on purchased products. It is uniquely likely to spend hours on TikTok without seeing anyone you know. Or follow because the platform is by algorithmic discovery. Due to the nature of FYP.

Another important reason why TikTok is so dominant is the prevalence of popular trends. For example, the dance challenge of popular songs or videos is consistent with popular in-app filters.

The algorithm prioritizes content that meets specific online trends that are currently popular. Since popular fads tend to get more participation, other users will often join and create content consistent with these trends. An important reason for the movement of TikTok is its audio system. When a user uploads a video, the audio of the specific video can be lip-synced or used by other users. For example, if someone creates a mix of popular songs, that particular audio clip can eventually be used for thousands of other videos.

This is also an important reason why TikTok has become the primary way for songs to gain streaming and growth on popular music charts. So, like big magazines. Several of the most important and most authoritative hits of the past two years have originated from the TikTok trend.

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TikTok is an excellent example of the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in shaping our consumption habits. Like how e-commerce sites use user-driven algorithms to suggest what to buy, TikTok’s platform relies on its users to drive certain types of content growth. TikTok has many privacy issues, whether in the field of technical privacy or the larger political discourse. 

These results have drawn the attention of many people. Because the application relies on user information to drive discovery, people have raised many questions about how much user data the application collects and who has access. In the last article on TikTok, we have covered many of these privacy issues. As with all other apps you install on your phone, be careful when sharing confidential, identifiable information.

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